100 PLO Preflop 3-betting Theory with High Rake and low fold equity

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100 PLO Preflop 3-betting Theory with High Rake and low fold equity

Hey guys. I have a theory question for you. First though, how much is the cap for you in rake? When I play 100/200 PLO, it is $4.00 USD max on Ignition Poker. Second, playing short stack, when I 3bet SB vs CO, AJ98:ss is towards the bottom of my 3-bet range. Monker shows it wins .05bb. I believe players overcall vs a 3bet at small stakes. Theoretically, if players are overcalling vs 3bets and you don't have FE, do you think it is a good idea to fold the bottom .1bb 3bets and lower (applies to 100bb play as well)? It seems to me in theory this would be the case. I feel like $4 is even higher than other sites, so that may be even more reason. In pro poker tools, vs a 30% range from the CO, AJ98:ss has about 48% equity. Seems like the key to 3betting in small stakes, is playing tight OOP unless we are pushing a good equity advantage preflop. Maybe like 52-53%+ and have good playability (Like maybe JT98s has 47%, but maybe more playability when we flop strong and check and show up with strong hand in unexpected spot). Maybe reasons for the opposite case, is if our opponents are overfolding after the flop and we can over-realize our equity. I am not sure this is the case though. Also, players definitely under 4bet which helps us realize a bit more equity. What are you guys thoughts? Should I be folding vs 3betting with the bottom hands of the monkersolver range that are around break even?

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