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Bomb Pot 3 Ways - Flop and Turn Play

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Bomb Pot 3 Ways - Flop and Turn Play

5/5 PLO live. We have $1600 and villian 1 is a very good solid reg with $1500 and Villian 2 is a weak player with $500.

We have AhKs7h7c. Bomb pot is $25 8 ways = 200 preflop.

2 Flops are:

Jh 7s 5h
3h 4h Td

Action is checked to V1 who bets $150, V2 calls, I raise to $500. I am trying to get V2 in this had and trapped to make the pot larger with less equity. He can fold turns and river if its not raised I think. Plus I think I am ahead of V1.

V1 calls, V2 folds



V1 goes all in.

Im just stuck here right? Clearly never folding in this spot. The question is did I make a mistake on the flop? Assume I just call, the pot is $200 + 150 +150 +150 = 650. Then turn comes and V1 pots it for 650 and has 700 behind. We arent ever folding no matter what the river is right?

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