LIVE PLO - 1/2/5 PLO - Heavy Action 7-way with Top Two Pair

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LIVE PLO - 1/2/5 PLO - Heavy Action 7-way with Top Two Pair

BB - $750
UTG+1 - $2000 - 25% opening range ish in hand I believe. New to PLO. Regular in NLH games
UTG+2 - $600 - Splashy fish, very station'y, bets too wide multi-way with non nut draws
UTG+3 - $350 - Loose passive fish
LJ - Hero - $1000 - As Qd 8s 4c
CO - $700 - Passive Fish
BTN - $1000 - Aggressive Fish
SB - $320 - Splashy Fish - Probably about a 60% VPIP range

BB limps, UTG+1 raises to $20, UTG+2 calls, UTG+3 calls, Hero calls, Btn calls, SB calls, BB calls

Flop: (~$140): Qc 8h 6c
UTG+2 bets $75, UTG+3 calls, Hero calls, SB goes all-in for $245, UTG+2 calls $170, UTG+3 calls $170, Hero???

First off, because of this situation, it makes me question whether I should be calling this hand preflop or folding. I am deep with some pretty big fish that certainly stack off light with non-nut combo flush draws on the flop, so in hand, I am calling to basically try and get that situation multi-way, but I'm not sure if that will happen often enough it is worth calling. Reason being is because the other times, with more people in the pot, it seems like my hand becomes worse and worse for its other components because if I stack off on the flop like this one with top two pair, I can easily run into a set or the same hand, but a redraw. But it is possible to especially stack some of the shorter players when they have a hand like Q5xxx on Q85 and I have the AQ84:Ass. Seems close. What are you guy's thoughts?

After a bet and a call 7-way, I'm very hesitant to pot/stack off multi-way with no re-draw. I know my all-in equity multi-way here won't be too great. My idea here is to call with pot odds and look for a safe turn, then go all-in. So I call and the SB shoves, and gets two calls. I know my equity here is already not that great, but with the shove, I feel a bit concerned now I could be potentially drawing dead or facing the same hand with a redraw. Or maybe he has a hand like Q6:cc/T97:cc/Acc ect...So very unsure weather I should be committing another $245 here, just folding, or pot shoving guessing that the other two guys that just called probably don't have a better made hand than Q8, but with a 3-way all-in, my equity can probably still not be too great here I'm guessing.

Idk guys. What do you think?

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