PLO Double Board Bomb Pot 300bb deep Facing flop c/r

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PLO Double Board Bomb Pot 300bb deep Facing flop c/r

$10 PLO Double Board Bomb Pot

$1500 effective

BB - $1500 - Thinking Regular
UTG+2 - $1500 - Loose Passive Fish
HJ - $1500 - Hero - AsThJs4c

Flop ($80) Ac Td 3c | Ks 8d 2s
Checks to Hero, Hero bets $80, BB calls $80, Fish c/r to $400, Hero???

I don't think the fish is the kind of player to c/r really wide. I definitely think he has a strong hand. We block AA/TT and don't think he is prob c/r'ing bottom set like that. I kind of think he might have either AA or KK. I would think there is 3x as many combos as KK than AA since we block AA. I think the regular is pretty strong, but not willing to stack off after calling my flop cbet. The benefits of jamming is if he just has KK, we can be free rolling with our flush draw. If he has AA or TT, then he is free rolling us. I don't like calling because I think the regular has a lot of equity and my AT is worse 3way. If the fish has a set on both boards, then he is also free rolling us. AKT:cc is also free rolling us. A hand like 88:cc we are kind of evenly matched. What do you guys think?

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