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What are the best new or old school math video on RIO?

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What are the best new or old school math video on RIO?

Hey guys,

It has come to my attention that my math in general is not as strong as it needs to be. This only gets worse in game as I have been struggling with having enough "bandwidth" in game to make good algebraic approximations. Things only get worse when I play PKO's, PLO , more tables than I am comfortable with ect.

I have been a RIO member for 10+ years and I am having trouble finding videos fitting my needs. What are some the best math based videos elite or essential, old or new that could help me start from the ground up math wise so to speak?

Also are there any math related books that come to mind? I've attempted to read Mathematics of poker many time in my life and stopped because it was above my head and very dense especially for my skill level at the time reading the book. I plan on giving this book another go but if Mathematics of poker is a caliculus book, are there any good algebraic poker math books that come to find?

Hope this makes sense, thanks.

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