2.5-2.5-5 Live-9 handed PLO 2 pair in tough spot.

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2.5-2.5-5 Live-9 handed PLO 2 pair in tough spot.

Hero bb KcQcJc4x (450 stack)
A couple off limps sb(Loose but a very good reg) raises to 30, Hero calls and so does 2 more off the weaker players. Table covers hero.

Flop Js4s5c (130ish pot) sb bets out 110 into 3 players HERO?

I really dont know what optimal play is here. SB does have more combos here then simply AA+ with fd. Will prolly do this with good draws, AJ+ some kind off draw and I guess 2pairs and sets. I have 2 players after me but I do block the most off the board with him since he is basicly saying I GOT a piece off the board/I have a draw. I cant say I got any J5/set feeling from him but its not out off the possibility.

Result hero JAMS good or totally bad based on the situation. The limpers after me can have good hands but at the same time there is some dead money in the middle and I should be doing okaish vs he c-bet range but still betting into 3 people is STRONG so this is probably a mistake by my part?

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