2.5-2.5-5 Live What to do with Over+Fd?

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2.5-2.5-5 Live What to do with Over+Fd?

Eff stacks 250
Hero Qs5sQx2x BTN

Fish limps on cutoff
Hero completes
sb+bb completes
Straddle raises to 25

Fish and hero calls rest folds.
Flop Js4s5x Straddle Leads out for 60 into 75 fish calls.

Straddle seemed decent and capable, have not seen him go out off line to much but he was down at the moment. I assume high-cards+fd off some kind. Dont know if we fare very well vs that kind off range. I dont think he has trips as it would most likely be a x/r? I am really scared off him having something like AA-KK+fd.

So what to do, fold,call or raise? Problem is IF spades comes and he keeps firing/x what to do?

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