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3betting in low stakes

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3betting in low stakes

For many hands on PLO 10 and 25 I observed many strange decisions regarding preflop play in the player pool. Contrary to a reasonable strategy , it feels like ppl are coldcalling 3bets way more often in the blinds and also 3bet themself in these positions, way more than they should. The problem with this is, that it makes iso 3bets with connected, yet none nut hands such as JT97 ss OTB much less attractive. Also, its tough to define their hand in any way. Some with dry KKxx, sometimes you can see 5247dds type hands in the cc range. The strange part is that there is a high acceptance of preflop looseness but combined with hillarious passivity e.g. ppl cc these type hands and snap call the overshove when the og raiser happens to hold AAxx even with random hands as long as they are ds or suited to the ace.

Reversly, and oddly, the same type of players appear to be extremly nitty when the pot is limped or single raised, meaning that, besides the on going passive play, ppl tend to act hyper cautiously. For example just betting once in the entire hand with the 2nd nuts.

How do you explain that kind of play? Is it presumably not worth to "fight" or gamble for these small pots as the average pot size is relativly big to NLHE?

How can you exploit that? Keep 3betting hands like mediocre rundowns, fold them more and be more selective or even consider calling more pre, see more flops?

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