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50PLO: HU 160.5bb Deep, Top Set OTF Gets Checked Through, Dynamic Turn, What to Do?

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50PLO: HU 160.5bb Deep, Top Set OTF Gets Checked Through, Dynamic Turn, What to Do?

BB: $111.96 (Hero)
SB: $80.50
BB is relatively unknown HU. In 6 Max he is a loose/passive fish, so I am assuming the same for HU, although some guys become maniacs HU. After chatting with him a bit trying to get him to play HU he said he was primarily an MTT player. I sat with him when he was >200bb deep playing someone else who left. I hit some hands early and got paid off. He did lead the river on T75cch 2h 8o with QJJ8cc after X/C flop and turn OOP when I had 9986hh.

SB (Villain) Stats: 37 hands, 68/58 from SB, 0.7 AF, Flop CBet 64%
BB (Hero) Stats: 37 hands, 38% VPIP from BB, 18% 3Bet, AF 6.3
Preflop ($0.75) (2 Players)
Hero was dealt K T K 6
SB raises to $1.50, Hero calls $1
Just trying to flop a set/straight/blockers.
Flop ($3.25) K 6 5 (2 Players)
Hero checks, SB checks
I figured he would CBet because he has a lot of air and draws when I block 2 K's and a 6. He also had CBet a decent amount IP. When he checks I think he can have a weak pair+draw that doesn't want to get X/R. He may just X and X/F his air OTT.
Turn ($3.25) 4 (2 Players)
Hero bets $2.25, SB calls $2.25
I lead to protect from any weak FDs he may have X'd OTF. I think he checks back way too often when I check. When he calls I think he does have a weak pair+draw/weak FD+Gutter hand, maybe weak two pair like 54. I'd expect him to raise 87 or 73 to protect from FDs and get value from other straights. If he does have us beat I think we can rep some flushes OTR since he didn't bet flop and I can definitely be semi-bluffing here hoping to take it down.
River ($7.75) J (2 Players)
Hero bets $4.25, SB raises to $16.25
The river bricks and I go ahead and bet hoping to get called by weak two pair that thinks I'm bluffing. When he raises the only value hand he's repping is 87. He'd never do this with 32. He might do it with 73 some of the time, but I'd say maybe only 15% max. What do you guys think? He did bluff with the JJ blockers ~20 hands ago and he was X/C with an OP+FD then.

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