$5/5 LIVE PLO - Three Easy Preflop Questions

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$5/5 LIVE PLO - Three Easy Preflop Questions

I played this session yesterday, and picked up some hands preflop that I wasn't 100% on my play. Would really love some feedback. Thanks guys.

Seat 1: Loose passive fish (pots when he has a big hand and otherwise is just checking and calling mostly) - $1500
Seat 2: Splashy preflop, sometimes raises really trashy hands pre, bad bluffs post without blockers, calls too light - $700
Seat 3: Hero - $1000
Seat 7: Good aggressive thinking reg - $2000

1) 8 players. LJ (low jack) straddles. Hero is HJ with 5544ss. Hero ???

2) 3 limpers. SB checks.Hero BB with AKJT, Kss. Raise or check?

3) 9 players. Btn straddle. SB limps, Seat 1 limps BB, Seat 2 limps, Hero utg+1 with Kc Jc Td 4d. Hero??? 1 or 2 recreational players behind me have in the $500-$700 stack region, but the rest of players have $1000 or more in their stacks.

What would you do in these hands?

My thoughts:
1) If I had 7722ss, I would fold or even 7744ss I would be folding, but this seems closer to me since we have the connectedness. Online I would be opening UTG for sure, but not sure in this Live setting. The hand will often go 4-6 way I believe. Flopping bottom set in this scenario won't be too good for me, but its possible for some players to pay off a little lighter if I do hit, so seems close. What are you guy's thoughts?

2) I lean towards raise since we have 4 big cards and a K high suit, but I believe we have 0 fold equity and this pot will often go 5-way and I'll be OOP vs 3 players. This could be good if i hit and it is easier to get stacks in, but without the nut suit, I'm not sure if the "nuttiness" of my combo is good enough to be raising with little to no fold equity preflop.

3) This one is interesting because with the K and J of the same suit, and not being able to effectively isolate the pot, I feel like I should fold preflop vs pot raise. I don't want to limp because there is a bit too much raising going on in the game preflop vs some other passive 5/5 games I have played in. I do like some smaller raises with parts of my range that benefit and balance that with weak AAxx, but wandering with 2 limpers for $10 each, if its worth raising my hand to $20 or $25?

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