A value bet question

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A value bet question

There are spots coming up where I am wondering if I can get more value. I'm wanting to value bet my hand where they may not call with worse and their range is split between better hands that raise our vb or blocker bluffs. I ask this because I feel that certain players might be unbalanced and weighted more toward a blocker bluff with specific lines. It feels uncomfortable to push myself to vb here but I may be leaving $ on the table.

IE- We raise QQ78dd from the co and get flatted by the btn and bb. Flop is J23dd and it checks around. The turn is a 5d. The bb leads 1/3 or pot and we call, btn folds. The river is innocuous like an 8o and it checks to us. Certain regs might be more inclined to vb big flushes to get value from small flushes and straights or our occasional set. I think they are mostly left checking the river with give-ups or an A/K high blocker thinking my flushes will call a lead but could consider vb/folding river blanks.

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