AA87ds - question on how to optimize play.

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AA87ds - question on how to optimize play.

Stakes $0.05/$0.1

Hero (UTG+1) $15
Villain (BB) $20
Villain (UTG) $10

UTG limps, Hero opens $0.35 AhAs8h7s, 1 call, BB calls, UTG calls

Pot $1.41
Flop 6s 5h 3s

BB leads for pot, UTG calls, action on hero.

So, the question is - what is the best play here.
Clearly my equity is great, with nut flush draw, open ended straight draw, backdoor nut flush draw and overpair.
But BB looks like he has a hand he likes a lot - perhaps the nuts, and UTG also likely has something strong, although it seems unlikely to be the nuts.

Option 1 - Raise and GII here with good equity
Option 2 - call and call again on non-pairing turns, and try to hit - perhaps saving some $$ when I miss.

What do you like?

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