AK86ss - 350bb deep, 2nd nuts vs maniac.

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AK86ss - 350bb deep, 2nd nuts vs maniac.

Blinds: $0.25/$0.50 (5 Players) BB: $186.30
UTG: $250.40 (Hero)
CO: $91.90
BN: $187.05
SB: $110.89
Villain playing 97/37/30 over 200 hands. Although by definition not applicable, note that he was raising and c/r cbets around 30%. In general also aggressive, but did not braindead dump chips into the pot.
Preflop ($0.75) Hero is UTG with A K 6 8
Hero raises to $1.75, 3 folds, BB raises to $5.50, Hero calls $3.75
I think theres nothing to discuss here. Folding out of the question. 4betting seems too light for me.
Flop ($11.25) 5 6 9
BB checks, Hero bets $5.67, BB calls $5.67
I think this hand should be check backed here, because hes very capable of c/r me. which is not the end of the world with this hand, but still not good. Also the hand is really not that great. Yeah i have an 8 and a BDFD, but other than that its way low in my range.
Turn ($22.59) 5 6 9 7
BB checks, Hero bets $16.95, BB raises to $72.31


Heres where iam lost and why i hate playing against maniacs. credit to all of them out there :D

first of all i really dont like my betsizing. Its too big i think. He will fold too much of the weak part of his range. maybe i should bet something like 12$.

Secondly: If this was 100bb effective, i wouldnt post this hand, bc i snapcall his jam, but at these stacksizes would you ever consider checking back here? This is exactly why i have so much trouble playing against them. In theory i should value bet second nuts here, but getting c/r reaaaally sucks with this hand, bc its the second nuts with NO way of improving.

What options do i have? Some of you might consider jamming over his c/r and although hes a maniac, my impression of him definitly wasnt that hes totally braindead calling off with a trash hand. I could imagine him c/r him any Set, maybe wrap+Twopair, any combodraw, any straight.

What do you think i should do here?

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