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Bet sizing in relation to reducing variance without giving up equity

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Bet sizing in relation to reducing variance without giving up equity

Wanted to get other ideas here...

What is the standard line in PLO regarding river bet sizing when the draw gets there?

Standard situations like we open in position and get 3 bet by one of the blinds, 10-9-2 rainbow flop, turn a 3, river brings a straight card with an 8 or K action is flop - cbet/call - Turn - cbet/call and river is checked to you...

I play primarily .25-.50 and .50-$1, dabble in the $1-2/$2/4 but in those games, usually short and usually play fold or get it in on flop or pre...When deep, in the 25-50/50-1 games, ff we bet pot on the river, rarely if ever does it seemed we get called if opponent doesn't have straight, against some opponents, we get paid off a higher frequency on the J-Q.

Also same situation but 2 flush on the flop, same action river brings the flush.

In these situations I haven't experienced value in betting pot with my nuts and my air.

I have had good results (IMO) with betting 40-60% of pot in these spots, I haven't found opponent is calling my airs and not paying me off, I get paid off more and get my bluffs called more... where as in betting pot rarely get paid off, and get called sometimes with air (when opponent has 2nd/3rd nut usually..)

So I am thinking I am reducing my variance without lowering equity(perhaps increasing it, by getting paid off more..) by reducing the bet size in all river draw hits situations...

Wondering others thoughts here...I am on the right track, missing something, at the bigger limits? How could this be exploitable?


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