Donk potting 5-way. Was I being a spew tard?

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Donk potting 5-way. Was I being a spew tard?

BB - $50 - Hero 7c7s8s8d
UTG - $38 - Limper
MP - $48 - Limper
CO - $63 - Tight aggressive player
BTN - $42 - Around 44/26 stats

Ignition Poker:

UTG limps, MP limps, CO raises to $2.75, Btn calls, Hero calls BB, UTG calls, MP calls

Flop (~$13) Qs 6d 5h
Hero bets $13


Alright...just had to be funny with the title haha. But seriously, wondering if donk pot/calling here is a good play? I think most players will fold 1 pair+ here and our equity vs a set is 41% and vs 2p 42%. If we have no fold equity, we need 44.44% pot equity to stack off here. Do you think we get enough folds to pot here? Or do you think its more +EV to try and check ship here? The only problem is if everyone plays straight up in this 5-way pot and checks to the preflop raiser, then he will probably be checking a lot and the Btn will prob check at a high freq though.

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