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Emty's Coaching Corner (FAQ & Reviews)

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Emty's Coaching Corner (FAQ & Reviews)

What's up PLO enthusiast out there? Emty here with some interesting News!

I am receiving many requests regarding private coaching and thought it would come in handy to open up this thread here to answer some questions. So this will be kind of a FAQ which I frequently try to update and I will ask my students to leave some feedback here in the thread.
I am currently coaching a couple students and still have a couple spots left in my roster.


Some questions I have been asked about private coachings:

1) "What is your Poker background"?
I am playing Poker since 2007. Started off mostly in the NL streets and played up to NL400 online and NL1000 live.
Back then in 2011 I decided to pursue a university degree and finished my Bachelors degree in 2015 followed by a Masters degree in 2017 in the field of business administration.
After being unhappy with my job in 2018 I rediscovered Poker, this time with 4 cards, and decided to quit my job in the beginning of 2019 to pursue my career as a full-time player.

2) "Can you show any results?"
These are the results since 2019 on the sites where I am able to track my results (PLO50-PLO200):

3) "What is your experience in private coachings?"
I have done private coachings for more than a year now with many students playing stakes from PLO10 to PLO500. My coaching offering is quite limited since I am producing content for RunItOnce and still love to put many hours into my own grind.
I enjoy it very much to bring other players further in the game and also learn a lot my self coaching poker players from different countries, backgrounds and skill levels. I would consider myself as a very open-minded person who on the one hand tries to fully understand the perspective of the student and on the other hand be very direct and honest with my feedback.

4) "How does a coaching with you usually work?"
The way I usually approach it is that you record a couple sessions of yours and send me over the one where you felt you had most difficulties/troubles with in order to ensure that there are enough spots with good learning opportunities for you (preferably with live commentary).
Once you sent me over the video I will analyze it (this amount of time invested on my end will also be charged as part of the hourly; if you do a lot of prework and select the hands of the footage you would like to discuss then that is fine as well and will save time on my end) and we will review the footage in a 1-on-1 coaching.
The coaching is usually done via Skype/Discord.

5) "Are there additional benefits when having you as a coach?"
Yes. I have access to different types of Poker software and study tools where big amounts of investment are usually required. As long as you are a student of mine, we can use software and other tools linked with my experience to use them in order to work on your game.
Additionally,since I am currently coaching many students and grinding on many poker sites myself, I am very well aware of good games and promotions that are running across different Poker platforms and can advise you for free on that.

6) "How much does a coaching cost?"
As of 1st June, I will introduce a new pricetable that should lead to the same average hourly on my end but make it possible for more players from lower limits to be able to get coaching as well with lower rates than before. Prices for Midstakes and VIP games are slightly increased.

All the above coaching methods can be approached in individually booked sessions or bundles. The offered rate is 75€/hr for individually booked hours.
If you are happy with the 1st hour and would like to go ahead and book some more coaching hours, then I offer 5hr packages for 350€ and 10hr packages for 650€ where we will cover multiple PLO foundations and develop your game towards some more advanced strategies and concepts.

7) "I am interested in private coaching but your roster is full. What can I do?"
If that happens, you will be put on a waiting list and depending on the length of the waiting list sooner or later get a spot once a current student of mine drops off. First come, first serve. I will try to frequently update you when you move up in the waiting list to not keep you hanging ;)

8) "What are the payment options"?
The preferred payment options are PayPal, PokerStars and Skrill.
Bitcoin and Bank transfer are also fine as secondary options.

9) "In which languages can you coach"?
Im fluent in English, German and Dutch. My Russian is also pretty good.

10) "Where can I get an idea from your game/skill?
You can find all the videos I have published on Run It Once HERE

If you want to go ahead and schedule a coaching or come up with other questions, feel free to reach out to me via the message function or post here in this thread. I will keep you guys updated!


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