Flop Decision 3-way with TPTK and Straight Draw Facing Bet 50 PLO

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Flop Decision 3-way with TPTK and Straight Draw Facing Bet 50 PLO

Global Poker 50 PLO:
CO - $78 - Aggro Fish Player
BTN - $50 - Tight Aggressive Regular in these games playing on 4 tables
BB - $62 - Hero - Ad Jd Ts 9d

CO raises to $1.75, Btn calls $1.75, Hero calls $1.25

Flop ($5.23) Jh 8d 4c
BB checks, CO checks, Btn bets $3.50, Hero raises to $12, Btn raises to $38, Hero?

So, preflop my hand seems good enough to defend, especially with JT9 doing well multi-way and having a nut suit even though we have 3 diamonds. On the flop, I think its better to check because with the dry texture, it would make sense for CO and Btn's range to have nuttier wrap hands on this board and have more equity overall. But I decide to check, and the PFR checks and the btn bets $3.50. I can see him doing this with QQ, KK hands, 2p, sets, wraps, TP + GS, SD + 2 BDFD's. My first big question here is do you think its better to check raise here or to call? My decision here was to check raise, because I think we can get a lot of folds from overpairs without much backup. Some top pairs without too much going on, and maybe if he is over stabbing IP with air. If he calls, I would think on a turn card that is too scary, I could bet him off his draw. I would expect a lot more hands from him to connect with the J and the 8 vs the 8 and the 4, so even though I would be super thrilled by a 5 or a 6, I might be jamming turn on some of those. Not too sure honestly on my game plan on every runout, but with a lot of pot equity against most hands, blocking his most likely set, JJ, and be able to capture some immediate fold equity from hands like KK/QQ, I feel check raising can't be too bad, but I'm interested in your thoughts or different opinions.

Now, worst case scenario happens, and he re-raises pretty big. Do we call/call here or go ahead and rip it? Vs a set we have in the ball park of 27-30% equity. Vs KQJ8, we have 54% equity. Vs QJT9 we have 66% equity. A lot of more regular players here can be pretty fishy, and don't put it past them to be doing something funky at 50 PLO, but looking for you guy's thoughts.

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