KT95+fd 3way 3b pot

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KT95+fd 3way 3b pot


co seems to be a standard solid tag, opening 25% in the co.

only 10 hands on cold caller, vpip 90% so far. gave him $fi40 - AA

now this has become a standard check for me, but im starting to think that perhaps im overdoing the "realize ur eq".

if both players x-r with this: Acc:(8+,6,3,45+),83+,cc:QQ+,cc:3+:45+

and xc with this:                 cc,45+,(8,6,3):74+

we will get x-r a total of ~34% (17% each) and gii with 37% eq (assuming it doesnt become a 3way all in).

cold caller will xc 29% and vs his xc range we have 54%. he will x-f 54% of the time, and vs that range we have 59% eq. co will x-f a little more often, but our eq is almost the same vs his xc/xf range.

assuming it were heads up, and we both were in all in or fold mode, the EV of a shove is ~$240 and our eq share of the pot is ~170$. 3way, our eq is 42%, our eq share is $136 and i dont really know how to figure out the ev of a shove since PJ doesnt let u use that module 3way (and it would be unrealistic since they will xc more often than xr).

obv getting xr and gii with 37% isnt great, and that will happen at least 17% of the time, and probably 25% on avg or a little more. but since our eq is ok vs their xc range, and not great vs their xf range (59%ish) should this be a bet instead?

i feel like this has become a standard check and realize ur eq for a lot of ppl (and my friends disagreed with each other about this) but isnt the fact that our implied arent very high, we can gii if we have to, and our eq vs their xf range isnt great make this a bet?

i think i would rather x-back T985+fd+bdfd for example, but havent done the math.

check or bet? what would u rather check?

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