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Line Check/Turn sizing check

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Line Check/Turn sizing check

PL Omaha 50(BB)
HERO ($9650) [VPIP: 20.6% | PFR: 15.4% | AGG: 22.3% | Flop Agg: 24.7% | Turn Agg: 20.3% | River Agg: 19.6% | 3-Bet: 5.8% | 4-Bet: 13.3% | Hands: 892]
BTN ($7647) [VPIP: 60% | PFR: 2.9% | AGG: 22.6% | Hands: 35]
SB ($6196) [VPIP: 28.2% | PFR: 14.5% | AGG: 33.6% | Hands: 229]
BB ($5320) [VPIP: 30.6% | PFR: 23% | AGG: 38.2% | Flop Agg: 41.6% | Turn Agg: 39.4% | River Agg: 30.2% | 3-Bet: 9.1% | Fold to 3-Bet: 10% | 4-Bet: 20% | Hands: 320]
UTG ($6669) [VPIP: 55.3% | PFR: 17% | AGG: 26.9% | Hands: 189]
HJ ($2261) [VPIP: 13.3% | PFR: 6.7% | AGG: 66.7% | Hands: 30]

Dealt to Hero: Kc 8c Ah 9h

UTG Calls $50, HJ Folds, HERO Raises To $225, BTN Folds, SB Folds, BB Raises To $750, UTG Folds, HERO Calls $525

Hero SPR on Flop: [2.9 effective]
Flop ($1575): 5c Jh 8d
BB Bets $788 (Rem. Stack: $3782), HERO Calls $788 (Rem. Stack: $8112)

Turn ($3151): 5c Jh 8d 6h
BB Checks, HERO Bets $1700 (Rem. Stack: $6412), BB Raises To $3782 (allin), HERO Calls $2082 (Rem. Stack: $4330)

River ($10715): 5c Jh 8d 6h 4s

BB shows: 2h Kh Kd 5d

BB wins: $10315

Pretty good game. BB is a decent REG . BTN is the spot. I see myself playing a lot again BB in the future so I want to be sure how I play him, I'm fine with my line unless you guys see something I should have done different. There are 2 main thoughts I have about this hand and its all turn related.

1) BB decided to C/R all in on that turn. Is that a reasonable play? He is trying to fold out my weaker 2 pairs maybe that's about it . The main reason I don't like this play is the meta. We all know that BTN is the spot. I don't see him 3 betting me light and potentially lose BTN pre so I am weighting his range highly premium. TBH I even thought of folding pre (mostly cause I'm shot taking and didn't want a spot with who I thought was one of the better players there but I called and thought that I could float flop with the pair and 2bd's ) > so basically I'm not sure about his play but I wonder whether my turn sizing gave him the OPP to try this on me

2) Did i size incorrectly on the turn, In general I'm trying to play balanced . I sized smaller than usual cause I defined his range more premium so I figured against that range I would bet straights smaller anyways. I'm wondering if in this spot I should have sized up a little more.

I guess I want to know if u see something in the way I played this hand that led to him trying what he did cause I see myself playing him a lot. Ideally I'm okay with the play cause TBH that was the worst hand I have in that spot . Any thoughts. Hope I explained my self clearly. This is my first post and I'm not the best at getting my thoughts out of my head.. Any input appreciated.

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