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Live Spots This Past Week - Might Be Simple

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Live Spots This Past Week - Might Be Simple

I am playing in a 5/5/10 game that sometimes gets a $20 double straddle. Stacks range from 500 to 5k so it becomes tricky to navigate hands. I got into 2 spots this past week that I am questioning.

Hand 1
I am the $10 and I have $1400 and villian has about the same. I have AcKh6h7s. Preflop its $30 total and 5 ways. I am closing action so I put in $20 more. I have been playing a lot tighter and folding more in these spots but I play this hand here.
Flop - 4s5c8c
SB leads for $120. What do we do here? Raise? Call and reassess the turn? I think I made a mistake but Id like to know what we do on flops where we flop the nuts, no redraw, have a nut blocker (this doesnt seem to matter in this game), and we know we can get in if we pot it. I know this hand gets back to basic plo fundamentals but after going through the motions for so long, this spot has me questioning what to do.

Hand 2 Preflop spot
I am the BB $5 and I am the shorter stack with about $600. UTG makes it $25 and everyone calls. UTG is loose and aggro and its standard for him to raise almost anything here. I call the extra $20. The $10 straddler is also aggressive and will shove for dead equity a lot with very questionable hands. He makes it $75. It gets 5 callers and back to me. My only option here is to shove or fold.
I have TT33ds.
I fold... Boring but I figure I save my money for a better spot. But is a 2 pair ds hand a shove in this spot in a game like this?

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