Long Time Player - Going Back to Review the Basics

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Long Time Player - Going Back to Review the Basics

I play live PLO up to 5/10 but mostly 1/2/5. I took a little while off and now am back but I am questioning the basics because preflop equities are driving me crazy. I simply run my hand vs a top 10% range or 20% and see what the equity would be. Now heads up it matters but when most every pot is 3-6 ways in live games, I am finding that the top 10% vs a 100% range isnt anything much (few %) and a lot of money can be made postflop with maybe any hand. Now I am not saying we should play a 100% range but I think wider ranges in multi way pots make a lot of sense.

What really is confusing is that in hold em there are 169 starting hand possibilities (ignoring different suits). Top 10% is easy to find. In PLO there are 16,342 starting hand possibilities and the top 10% range is 1,634 hands. WOW! So what is that range? I mean is everyone playing a top 10% range and I need to start putting guys on the top 1% range or 163 hands?

Im sure a lot of you have thought about this but Id like to dive in more and discuss live low/medium stakes plo games where limps or raise - call -call - call - call is common. How do you assume ranges here?

Also, am I doing something wrong in pro poker tools when looking at my hand vs ranges?

I used 4s5s6d8c as my hand and vs 5% we are a 59.52/40.48% dog. But at 10% we are 59.4/40.6 dog. 25% 58.8/42.2 dog. 50% 58.2/41.8 dog. vs 100% range we are 55.76/44.24 dog. All are super close except for vs a 100% range but even then we are a dog. I would think 4568 would be a great hand to play but man, I have been wrong here.

Hand Equity Wins Ties
5% 59.52% 356,126 1,983
4s5s6d8c 40.48% 241,891 1,983

Hand Equity Wins Ties
10% 59.40% 355,375 2,052
4s5s6d8c 40.60% 242,573 2,052

Hand Equity Wins Ties
25% 58.81% 350,848 3,987
4s5s6d8c 41.19% 245,165 3,987

Hand Equity Wins Ties
50% 58.21% 345,332 7,891
4s5s6d8c 41.79% 246,777 7,891

Hand Equity Wins Ties
100% 55.76% 329,742 9,610
4s5s6d8c 44.24% 260,648 9,610

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