Maximizing wins/minimizing loses OOP, don't like how I played this hand...

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Maximizing wins/minimizing loses OOP, don't like how I played this hand...

CO: JAP903JAP903: $517.84
BN: ItsGoTimeNow: $100
SB: 1974blue: $181.51
BB: dvz722: $80.95
HJ: badoobi: $598.53
Preflop ($3.00) (5 Players)
1974blue was dealt 4 7 A 6
badoobi raises to $6, JAP903JAP903 folds, ItsGoTimeNow folds, 1974blue calls $5, dvz722 calls $4
Flop ($18.00) 6 Q A (3 Players)
1974blue checks, dvz722 checks, badoobi bets $9, 1974blue calls $9, dvz722 folds
Turn ($36.00) A (2 Players)
1974blue checks, badoobi bets $20, 1974blue calls $20
River ($76.00) T (2 Players)
1974blue checks, badoobi bets $20, 1974blue calls $20
Final Pot
badoobi has K T 3 T 1974blue has 4 7 A 6 1974blue wins $112

Wondering how you guys would navigate this situation.

Comments on this hand and on the general situation are welcome.

Over 100,000 hands I am 39/16 VPIP/PFR. 

Villain in this hand was table maniac with a 64/35 over 300+ hands

Against that type of player my normal line is, show me a hand, I am letting him take the lead, and calling pretty light. I find myself hesitating to raise for value with hands like 2nd/3rd nut flush, bottom set, non nut straight. Since I never want to lay those hands down and don't want to lose my stack when I am no good, and don't want to win small when I am good by a raise that blows him off a bluff/air.

In some of the 25/50 cent PLO games  where my opponents are passive my VPIP/PFR #'s are in the mid 40's and 25%, in some of the 1/2,2/4 games where there are way more 3/4 bettors I tighten up, and at this table over 216 hands I was 29/13.

My thought process on the flop here is I am either way behind (A-A, Q-Q or A-Q, 6-6 is in his raising range, but I wasn't as concerned with that hand as the other 2), way ahead (he has a hand like 10-8-7-7, J-J-9-5 etc...) or he has 6-9 outs with an A-x hand with couple overs to my 6, or a hand like K-J-10-X.

I wanted to let him sluff off $ with his group 2 hands and okay with the trade off letting him get there cheaply with group 3 hands, and losing the minimum to group 1 hands.

I am fine with my play up until the river, I would of like to have seen myself check raise to $70, my thought there is, his river sizing was way weird $20 into $72, but more so his possible holdings with the 10, he likely could have K-J, perhaps a hand like 10-10 and made a smaller full house, and possible Q-Q, all of hands where he would pay me off.  If the river hand come say a 2, then I am in the same spot as the flop, way ahead or way behind, with the 10 I see way more he could call me with while behind.

In the heat of the moment, I was in check call mode with him, and didn't see the spot until I called and he showed 10-10.

What do you guys think about this spot and in general? If I make the x-r on the river in this spot do I do so under the guise of I lay down/call off to a reraise?

I know some people are very comfortable raising and folding to a re-raise in this spot, I am not (perhaps a weakness in my game), I tend to not X raise the hand to avoid having the sometimes/possible call off/lay down situation, and of course in exchange for not being in that situation often, don't maximize my results in situations like this.

It seems like I am constantly winning the minimum when I am good out of position, not sure how to counteract that without increasing my variance with increasing stack offs to mitigate the positional disadvantage.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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