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Following the unbelievable enthousiasm on my inovating idea to create a PLO study group for runitonce memebers, i decided to go forward with it. Introduce yourself in this thread first then sign up by leaving your skype contact here or by PM.

Given the competitive nature of poker nowadays and the few feedbacks i had on the other thread, i wish to state that this group aim to be fairly serious  and  dedicated to hard working members who wish to help each other in order to take their game to next level. So if you looking for a social club then you ve got the wrong adress althought good spirit and humour are more than welcome obv.

Just a few basic rules (feel free to propose more or propose to eliminate some if you feel that they are inapropriates)

1- Courtesy (if you disagree with someone no need to tell him that he s a fkn monkey and need to go back to his banana three, they are other ways!!)

2- Post your hands in links format using liquidpoker,weaktight etc...

3- Keep the  badbeat stories, brags and bash to a minimum

4- Keep active and try to help as much as you get helped

5- Disparities in levels should be kept to a reasonable standard so i think for this group to be working more eficiently we should set a minimum limit level of 0.10/0.25PLO (up for debate)

6- And the less funny rule...if more than 2 members complain about your lack of respect for those rules then a vote should proceed and if 50% or more agree with the complaints you will be thanked for your participation.

One last thing about the name of the group, i used all my creative skills and came up with RUNITONCE PLO, but if anyone has anything else to propose, feel free to do so in this verry thread.

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