Set blockers crushed

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Set blockers crushed

1-2 PLO Hi Lo...

I have A-K-J with board of A-K-Q and up against A-A-K.

Does set blockers/straight blockers work better for others?

Seems like so many times my blockers just get me buried...

Merge Game #71139491-571 | Omaha H/L8 PL ($1/$2) | 07/23/2013 00:56:56 EST | Version:2Table Malaysia (71139491), Seats 6Seat 1: KidSqueeze ($88.00 in chips) DEALERSeat 2: tonyjulian ($216.17 in chips)Seat 3: sumando1 ($173.34 in chips)Seat 4: HippieFlip ($609.78 in chips)Seat 6: 1974blue ($328.10 in chips)tonyjulian: Post SB $1.00sumando1: Post BB $2.00*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to 1974blue [Js Kd 5d Ad]HippieFlip: Fold1974blue: Raise $5.75KidSqueeze: Raise $20.25tonyjulian: Foldsumando1: Fold1974blue: Call $14.50*** FLOP *** [Qh Ah Ks]1974blue: CheckKidSqueeze: Bet $43.501974blue: Raise $87.00KidSqueeze: Allin $24.25*** TURN *** [8c]*** RIVER *** [4d]*** SUMMARY ***KidSqueeze: Shows [Ac 7d Kc As]1974blue: Shows [Js Kd 5d Ad]KidSqueeze: wins $175.001974blue: wins $19.25 (uncalled)

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