Set on the river, what to do?

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Set on the river, what to do?

9-handed sb-bb-straddle
Hero AA82hchs(sb) 300 bb's eff preflop.

Utg limp, 5x from midpos co,hero, sb, bb and utg calls.
Flop: 945dds(30 bb's) checked around
Turn: Ad, all check to midpos who bets 18, CO folds, Hero calls, rest folds
River: Jd, hero check, midpos bets 54, Hero?

Midpos is more on the loose passive side, he seemed quite nervous on the river, the hands shaked a little and he hold a
hand over his mouth. But I have not played with him enough to correlate any tells. He also took some time before betting,
usually live-recs bets faster with bluffs...

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