Should I be folding this turn?

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Should I be folding this turn?

PLO40 6 Players

UTG: $80.52
HJ: $37.16
CO: $84.06
BTN: $40
SB(Hero): $60.18
BB: $39.60

UTG call, HJ call, CO calls, BTN fold, SB pots to $2.40 with AhKsTc9s, BB folds, UTG calls, HJ calls, CO folds

Flop ($8): Qh8hTs
Hero checks, UTG bets $5.33, CO folds, Hero calls

Turn($18.66): 2s
Hero checks, UTG pots to $18.66, Hero calls

River($55.98): 5d
Hero checks, UTG shoves for 54.53, Hero folds

Preflop I pot it which I think is fine with the SS rundown. On the flop I check and call, I didn't want to lead out and get raised bc I can improve on many turn cards and I expect that UTG has hit this flop pretty hard. Since I block the straight and have the nut flush blocker, I expect to be up against pair plus heart draws and two pair hands. On the turn I pick up the flush draw along with the gutshot . I check call but I think I should have folded since I'm only really ahead of a naked heart flush draw and I'm never expecting my T to be good on its own. On the river I check fold to the shove. I was lost in this hand bc on the turn I picked up equity but still felt like I should have folded.

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