some hands

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some hands

These spots in general happen often to me, and I'm unsure what's the right play.

example 1) we are UTG and open AA78dd, HJ 3bets us, BTN cold calls, it's back to us an we 4b, they both call. Flop is KQ3r with one diamond. We have 1PSB left.. KQx smashes at least one of them hard from my experience . Let's say we are playing 1/2 game

example 2)  we open KKQJss CO and sb 3bets, it's back to us and we 4bet (we're playing 100bb). he calls. Flop is 678cc ( we have backdoor fd). He checks. We have little over 1psb, like 1.3 

I go with both of my hands, but I would like to hear what you guys think, is giving a possibility even with such low SPR


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