Trips weak kicker + weak drawy multiway turn on drawy board

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Trips weak kicker + weak drawy multiway turn on drawy board

PLO100 - 4 players

UTG - 150bb
BU - Hero - 120bb
SB - 150bb
BB - 130bb

Hero Qc 9c Ts 3s

fold, Hero raises to 3.5bb, call, call

Flop (11.5bb) Qs 5s 6d

check, check, check

Turn (11.5bb) Qs 5s 6d Qh

SB bets 5bb, BU calls, Hero raises pot

UTG and SB decent tight regs.
BB big fish

Preflop is a std opr BU with a double suited hand with some connection i guess


not bad with TP w 2OC + FD T high

Board quite drawy, would need value/protection, but board where i'm going to be c/raised quite often and i wouldn't like it.
SB not supposed to have hit this flop that often, as it's quite low, and I'm blocking a Q and having a FD too
And SB can have any four almost, and can make bad calls oop here (gs, any fd etc...)

So maybe in this case cbetting is correct.
But with medium hand on that drawy flop and multiway, check back seems me better


Hitting trips, and SB dking 40% pot here.
This board is quite drawy, i ve got some made hand quite weak (if anyone has a Qxxx here, it's high probable that it's better kicker. And my FD is quite low).

SB could be betting some hand for value/protection on this board drawy.
Like ovp (KKxx/AAxx) with or withoud FD/SD (he is quite tight preflop and will often flat those hands oop)
Maybe betting some big combo draws (oesd + nfd, wrap + fd etc...).
But many Qxxx too

BB calls and can have tons of hands here too

Now, I think my raise is not bad but I'm not sure.
It's not likely that SB would have tons of fulls here (Q5xx/Q6xx aren't mass in his defending SB range).
If he got 55xx/66xx (not many in his preflop range too), I still got equity.
If he got AQxx, KQxx, he can play it light against a massive raise from me. c/c if he got 3 overcards and fold river when miss. Or even fold already if AKQ2 or whatever.
And fold his combodraws.
If he gii with 55xx/66xx or AQxx w 3OC, I'm not in a bad shape (except if he got an overFD).

my raise seems me ok but not sure and not sure if sizing are ok (but i don't think my hand is much wider than Qxxx here, so)

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