Unsure about turn spot

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Unsure about turn spot

ACR deleted my hand history so writing it from memory, but unsure about a spot on the turn:

Villain - CO, 120bb
BU - ???bb, folds flop doesn’t matter
SB - 36bb
Hero - BB, 200bb

Limp / limp / limp to hero who checks w/ AQ98 all clubs

Flop (4bb) - Kc8h2c
Villain checks, SB bets 4bb (31bb remaining), hero calls, villain calls, BU folds

Turn (16bb) - Jd, so no BDFD
Villain checks, SB bets 16bb (15bb remaining), hero flats, villain raises to ~80bb. SB calls all-in. Hero?

In the moment I called, figuring I have no fold equity to raise (given SPR) and I can fold missed rivers. One pair, gutshot, nut flush draw seems good enough to go with, even if I'm blocking myself.

Looking back that seems bad, but I don't really have a reason why. A lot of the outs are self-blocked or no good (two-pair and 8x likely lose to sets, Jc pairs board).

Any thoughts?

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