Which Line do you prefer on the flop?

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Which Line do you prefer on the flop?

A friend of mine played this hand yesterday. We both have different lines we would take.

Opponent: Standard Reg/little Passiv - dont get it in light

Our Hand: KsJsKc5c

BTN Raise 3BB and Hero 3bets 9BB , BTN Calls

Flop: 9c 7h 3h 

My Friend: Cbets the Flop, and Cbets Safe Turns.

I: Would like to check the Flop, because dont think we get Villain to Fold alot of his Range. Also Villain can play very easy on different Turn Cards and will make our life as hell.

After checking the Flop, we can Betting or x/R some Turn Cards or we still keeps checking.

What your Play on the Flop and Why?

What do you do on different Turn Cards?


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