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Hi, used to play poker live but got sent into psych wards couple of different times. Was not a winning player but through daily small MTT managed to feed myself, feed other poor people (1 or 2), bought some poker courses in other site but due to life circumstance never finished them.

Was fun for a while, loved the opportunity of playing top pros and sometimes out maneuvering them but parents got a hold of me and don't want me to get a credit card and brought all my belongings from old space to their house once I got out. Being on drugs for more than a year made me forget my master password plus I have computer vision syndrome so can't watch much videos (not sure if there are any for poker to Malta or poker to Vegas though)

Since not from the US, I also have problems with paying through Skrill - technically I have problems with paying through anything. Parents (I'm 37) hold my cash hostage so I have to rely on an e-wallet called gcash (which many sites don't support though google pay does) to order online but that's through their cellphone. I don't know how I would set this up with a burner.

Technically if I didn't have to do this in one go or have one or two life skills or friends I could take my spot but MTT has been a god send to me at low stakes because I don't have the social skills to ask for stakes.

2p2 forum helped a homeless guy but when I asked they told me if I have skills I don't need to be staked.

If I have access to a bank account and safe space I need not worry but I don't have time and I also want to save others who are trapped, tied up, blackmailed for being lesbian, induced diseases inside wards thanks to bed bugs and other dirty surroundings with lack of sunlight from escaping a lifetime imprisonment with no due process because no one wants to help them (I was a self providing MTT player who ate like 4 dollar rice and boiled eggs and got gaslighted of not eating in my days outside for example all entirely through being funded by MTT wins despite heavy downswings like a year of losing never playing cash except to experiment from time to time) but I need to know how to overcome this hurdle because with poker, I found a sport that didn't discriminate me because I was never handed an opportunity to be physically fit or surrounded by mental entrepreneurs who got me through a life constantly being captured or tricked by relatives to keep me from living away from them and I got to feed myself for a month plus have extra cash to help others whenever I win 1st place.

Ty and god bless.

Aug. 5, 2023 | 1:08 a.m.

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