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Post | BenjaminLCA posted in PLO: Poker juice vs Monker ware

Hey, nl player thinking of making the leap to the great game. I was wondering what is the general consensus on the best software? would you use poker juice or monker ware or both?

Thanks in advance for any replies

Aug. 13, 2017 | 6:56 a.m.

Comment | BenjaminLCA commented on Boxing vs. MMA

Finially somthing i can post in lol (nl2 player trying to learn) but have being competitively boxing/mma for nearly 10 years.
The sparring in which chris van heerden (south african pro - also not that great a fighter to be honest watch him fight errol spence he is mediocre at best) talks about he doesnt say he beat up connor but rather was able to land and that he aint no mayweather which brings me to my next point, theirs levels to the fight game that you cant see until somone fights a better fighter and gets exposed up until that point he might look as good as the the guy he looses to in his highlight videos ect. (Youtube the highlights of floyds previous opponents and then watch them fight floyd and you will know what i mean) So evan though connor has being putting in serious work with serious boxers, 2 time world champ paulie malignaggi for example he will almost certainly still be exposed by floyd. Connors only shot at winning is bulling him and landing with unorthadox punches he does have power and is bigger and floyd is 40 and it is a fight so anything can happen but honestly in my opinon floyd will just out box him pretty easily.
The odds are proble less then a 2 outer but if the fight game has taught us abythings its that every now and then shomeone hits their lucky card and shocks the world.

Aug. 5, 2017 | 7:06 a.m.

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