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There were less than 50 players registered in this tour, and I had a tough time from the very beginning, although the game was not hard to beat. I could see 2 or 3 reg on each table.
Starting chips were 12,000 and each level would last for an hour. When this hand happened, I just lost a big pot and had less than 9,000 remained. The blinds were 150/300.
I had AAK6 ss utg. If I raise, no matter how much, I was pretty sure that there would be several callers, so I just limped and planned to give up if I didn't hit set A. I got 2 limpers behind. SB mini raise to 600 and BB called. Since I could put more than1/3 of my stack in the pot preflop, I raised the pot to 3000. SB and BB called. Flop came with 77J of two spades. SB raised 4000, and BB folded. I did not have any spade in my hand.
My thought was that SB did not have J full house, otherwise,he would just X/C my allin. He could have a 7, or hit a J with flush draw. Since SPR was less than 0.5, I moved allin with less than 6,000. SB showed 6789ds, and I did not catch my A, so I got knocked out.
Before I moved allin, I really felt that I was beat. If I folded, I still had around 20bb, and that was enough to make my way back in this game, considering most of my opponents were easy to beat.
My questions are:
1. Did I make a mistake preflop to raise the pot?
2.Should I fold if I really think I am beat?So, I can wait for a better chance to gamble?


Nov. 3, 2015 | 4:02 p.m.

Post | Bobdeng posted in MTT: a hand analysis

pokerstars,33usd 500gtd plo8 mtt.early in the tour. starting stack is 3000.
hero mini raise on btn with AAK6 single suited. sb call. pot is 100.
flop is J72 two spades, hero has nuts flush draw and a bad low draw.
sb bet 100, hero call.
turn is K.
sb bet 300. hero call.
river is 6. flush draw and low draw both miss.
sb bet 900. hero call with two pair.
sb show set J and win whole pot
is there anything better that hero can do, or this is the way the hand has to go?

furthermore, is there any plo8 books of hand examples. just feel lack of hand experience and it is a long way to go to with actual play.


May 6, 2015 | 11:35 a.m.

Post | Bobdeng posted in Other: different dealing for OFCP

hi, guys,
I have been playing holdem for several years in China and just came across OFCP.
To speed the game up, a poker club deals differently. The dealing order is not in a 51111….way but in 53311.
What impact do you think that this kind of dealing has on this game? Shall I play more aggressively?
By way, the game is usually in 4-player form


May 29, 2014 | 9:27 a.m.

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