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Brian Hastings saw a question from one of his recent videos and was spurred to action with a video where the focus is on the influence that stack depth has on our decisions.

Jan. 14, 2022 | 5 p.m.

ProVideo | Brian Hastings posted in MTT: WSOP Recap & Hand Review

Brian Hastings reveals how he fared at the WSOP. Then, he jumps into PIO to review a hand from a $3500 event at the Wynn and a hand from the $10k WSOP Main Event.

Dec. 30, 2021 | 5 p.m.

Brian Hastings jumps right into a live session battling it out at 4 tables on the anonymous streets of Ignition first offering a brief explanation on his HUD and how he utilizes it in games without screen names and then breaking down some of the more complex hands from the session in the solver.

Dec. 17, 2021 | 5 p.m.

Brian Hastings returns with the conclusive installment of his final table appearance at the $630 Nightly. He picks up the action short-handed and soon finds himself being the short stack setting up a tough uphill battle to take down the title.

Dec. 7, 2021 | 5 p.m.

Brian Hastings continues to look at this high stakes event picking up the action at the final table with a 50BB stack and looking to put some of the shorter stacks in ICM hell and leverage his stack to climb the pay ladder.

Nov. 23, 2021 | 5 p.m.

Brian Hastings soldiers on with the second installment of his deep run at the $630 Nightly on ACR. Part two features the play on the bubble which makes for some interesting ICM discussions.

Nov. 5, 2021 | 5 p.m.

Brian Hastings starts a new series covering a deep run at the $630 Nightly event on ACR. This first part sees him facing a handful of loose-aggressive players which prescribes a lot of action and close decisions.

Oct. 19, 2021 | 5 p.m.

ProVideo | Brian Hastings posted in MTT: WSOP Prep: Deep Hand Analysis

Brian Hastings finds himself at the final sprint of his WSOP preparation reviewing two tough hands that he encountered recently. The first hand features a close stack off decision with a medium top pair early on in a tournament before moving to an ICM heavy final table decision at a PKO tournament.

Oct. 5, 2021 | 5 p.m.

Brian Hastings makes his RIO debut offering a brief introduction to his storied poker career before diving into a few recently played hands on the American-facing sites.

Sept. 21, 2021 | 5 p.m.

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