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I am a bit late, but non the less, welcome to the RIO and great video, it feels like you are very good at lecturing! Plus beside well done content, you have also well produced video (pro sound, nice understandable voice performing, etc.), which adds hugely to overall higher quality of tutorial videos, so I am looking forward to watch your content:)

Sept. 14, 2023 | 12:38 p.m.

Yeah, really sad, best ones always leave :P
Thanks for you great videos! See you on blockchain:)
"Btw" could you please just compare for us what is a mojo which drove you toward trading opposing to poker? What are benefits there? Pros and cons for each maybe?
Thank you very much again and I whish you all the best!

Jan. 24, 2023 | 11:02 a.m.

Comment | ChipTracker commented on Essential Plan

Thank you on your response jcoffmanky, it seems we are abandoned, so we have to figure everything out on our own, cheers:)
Yeah, PLO is fun, variance is bigger tho, but I would say faster too, which maybe compensates that. Good luck at the tables and see you around!

Jan. 5, 2023 | 1:30 p.m.

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This is quite sad that moderators (especially if employees) completely ignore straightforward questions about membership plans and content, which is "your" core product. I have to say, that it seems someone is not doing his job as he should:(

Jan. 3, 2023 | 8:46 a.m.

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as I understand there should be 5 tutorial videos made per week for Essential Plan members to learn, practice from, is that right?
Is that inclusive for all type of games (NLHE; PLO, MTT, etc.), therefore it can be that, let`s say for PLO, only 1 video is created or even none on a particular week(s), as there might be that more other type poker game videos are made in this period?
Namely, I am mostly interested in PLO and at the moment there are mostly 2 videos per month created, so I wonder if that is "standard" and that is what Essential Plan members can expect to get regarding PLO tutorials? In short, how many essential PLO videos per month may I expect in the future?
Thank you in advance.

I wish you all happy new year and sure, good +EV games:)

Dec. 29, 2022 | 9:19 a.m.

Yes, this videos are top, the best! Please keep it up, I liked everything, especially that you did not use any "abstract theoretical statistic apps-solvers" P:) And I think 2 tables are perfect choice for creating tutorial videos! See you around:)

Nov. 10, 2022 | 1:35 p.m.

Cheers! Sure, I understand, post audio is fine as well, as long we see some real action:)
Thank you too!

April 22, 2022 | 9:59 a.m.

Yes mister, thank you, that is the way to go, for sure more real life play action needed! Especially in PLO last, quite long period, there are almost only "laboratory videos/lectures", so nice to see some playing at the tables. It would be also very interesting and educational to watch you playing and commenting on the fly too!

April 19, 2022 | 7:47 a.m.

Post | ChipTracker posted in Chatter: PLO Essential


I would kindly ask for more PLO (Essential) videos with live action at tables, actual playing PLO and dealing with "poker situations" on the fly. For long time now most of the videos in PLO Essential are just abstract hypothetical-theoretical "board lectures", which have its own place sure, but it is quite overused, so please coaches, sit at the tables and show us some action, those are very valuable lessons also (any of Phil`s videos are good example) . I hope you are not afraid to throw some real money chips in?:P:)
Thank you in advance!

March 9, 2022 | 9:45 a.m.

Thank you mister, this is the way to make great and valuable tutorial videos! Real life, no bs, You are the man, a very good player, so keep it up i this manner please:)
"Academic approach has some use cases for making analysis in theoretical vacuum, but it is not very useful for performing on stage"...and it becomes very boring when overused & overrated, which is the case in last past years in general ;P

Oct. 30, 2021 | 2:25 p.m.

Ranking at this point can only be completely biased (and in poker kind of always is even with much more data), so...anyhow I do not agree with RunItTw1ce rankings, for now they are all equally "flat", maybe Marle so far showed the most :P:)
But I agree there should be more heat, you are all good, now just forget about your image, screw what other will think of it and fire up things, make it fun, it would be really nice to watch more of this videos, just go a bit more crazy, take it as "show" and you will all be stars, sure someone will loose even if he plays the best, we understand that, we have the best coaches :P;)

May 5, 2021 | 6:25 p.m.

Great, more of this "live non-academic" videos please, real life action, that`s the spirit:P:)

Feb. 25, 2021 | 12:52 p.m.

Hi Tariq, very nice video (content, format and execution)! To me those kind of videos are most interesting and valuable (best way to gain useful knowledge). So please keep it up in this manner! I am quite "oversaturated" by too academic and theoretical videos, therefore I am very happy when I find videos like this one of yours!
Cheering to you \o/:)

Dec. 7, 2020 | 6:56 p.m.

Hi, very good, thx! Those kind of videos are the best, at least for me. So please, do those more:)

Btw in second hand I have found quite obvious what "winner" held on that flop mini raise, it was quite straightforward. But sure, confusion kicks in, if we start overthinking and too academically analyze it. And exactly for that reason the "winner" (most probably unintentionally) played it in the best possible way regardless on theory:)

Oct. 16, 2020 | 10:51 a.m.

...and sure, superb content and video, those kind of videos you are making are for me far best ones in all ways, so I root for you to do more of this videos:)

Sept. 27, 2020 | 9:50 p.m.

Hi Phil, I would kindly ask a bit silly noobish question.
On aprox. 12:40, when Hero is holding KJdQ5s and board is 2hTsQh, you are talking about definition of a value bet; a main condition is that bettor is favorite in equity, which is fine. But:
1. equity favorite on that street or with all cards yet to come?
2. you can never be completely sure of "that definition", unless holding absolute nuts? You seem pretty sure that Hero he has the best hand but at this point Villain could still have quite many "significantly" better hands and therefore I got a bit confused. I agree and understand the action you are suggesting there, but this definition of a value bet now confuses me a bit, because by such a strict definition I am not sure there is 100% clear bet, if you know what I mean?

Sept. 27, 2020 | 9:48 p.m.


it seems to me that not much Essential PLO training videos have been made lately and in general one might get a feel that some decline in making PLO Essential content is going on? In June only 3 videos were made and from then on not a single one. But maybe that is how it suppose to be for Essential members? Please, do not take this as a complain, I just wonder what one can expect as Essential member?
Thank you in advance!

July 13, 2020 | 10:32 a.m.

tr00, tr00:)
I didnt mean that such a show would be broadcasted in regular TV show, I was saying that it would be similar regarding a production of the show itself and thus more expensive than "home made show" with webcams and players playing from home, but all promotions cost and the most costly are actually the cheap ones without effect, so yeah if that would atract viewers and players they should invest in it:)

Feb. 1, 2020 | 6:58 p.m.

That is an interesting idea too. Beside HU there could be a 6 max game and maybe even 2 tables (more would be too confused for viewers I believe). Security issues (preventing of cheating) would be probably much easily solved. Exposing hole cards in such a "live-online" game with all players in one place should not be a problem, so no time delay would be needed and regarding video production it could be done as any TV show (but this approach is much more expensive opposite to web cams which players are using at home, but for sure more attracting for viewers). Now, on the other hand what would be the difference? You put a live dealer and than you have "usual live TV game". The only argument would be more hands (and maybe tables) played with computer shuffle&deal if that is of any relevance?

Feb. 1, 2020 | 8:01 a.m.

Even tho Quido (hi and thank you!:)) and me are the only ones in this thread I would just add that it is quite understandable if cash players prefer to stay anonymous as a challengers if there is nothing in it for them beside game win or loss, but still cards could be exposed during a Twitch session (even more so if players are anonymous) and web cams could be at least put on commentators and voluntarily on players:P:)


Jan. 31, 2020 | 6:25 p.m.

Thank you:)

Jan. 31, 2020 | 6:11 p.m.

While this thread is already opened I would add few suggestions regarding Phil Galfond HU challenges on Twitch. It is a great idea and really good job from Phil for doing this. So, while he is doing his part very well and attracting a lot of people (potentially new players, students. etc. at RIO) it is very important to keep those people and not loose them very fast over seemingly unimportant things which are not done as they should be. Exactly in those "small" details lies a difference between success or no success and it is hard to detect the problem, similar to variance-skill issue. As Phil is doing hard work and RIO team on its part is working hard on all kind of important jobs around this challenge (and overall), do not let some seemingly "obscure" things to nullify all of that. Those subliminal factors which no one pays attention add up and are very important for a whole project. I am aware there is a budget limit and many other things which are making all of this hard to provide, but maybe we can at least try to improve this event as much as possible (for such an event you should actually need a kind of a producer but yeah, I know), so here are few my kind suggestions and you will for sure do as you wish:
1. Sound levels of a main commentator (Joe Stapleton) and guest commentators are quite out of balance, Joe`s voice is too quiet (and sound quality of his voice is bad overall too, he should use better microphone and better sound card probably as well) regarding to guest commentator. A little audio processing of both voices before letting them "on air" would help further- people are complaining about sound from first day but no one take them seriously
2. It would be really top, and I believe very attracting, if Phil and his challenger would have web cams on while playing, not to interact with viewers for sure, players are playing for real and a lot of money, so they should not be distracted, but viewers would be much more interested if they could watch faces of players, and that would help commentators a lot to do their job much better too!
3. It would be even more fun if commentators would be on web cams as well.
4. It is almost necessarily that players hole cards are exposed to viewers during a game (as it is in live TV shows) with some delay on streaming or something, that would be really good move and again commentators would actually have something to comment (if a challenger do not agree, than he can not challenge you (Phil) at first place, not in such a public event, because than there is no point in doing it)
5. More transparent "screen", what and how much is in the pot, how much - who bets, results, highlighting the action table on which commentators are debating, etc.
There is more but those ones are quite important I believe and I know there is limited ability, so to be clear I appreciate everything you (Phil and RIO) do, those are just my humble suggestions in case you wish to maybe upgrade this event:)

Jan. 29, 2020 | 5:13 p.m.

Hi! Great video and key concepts are top!
Sound on its own is relatively speaking not that bad. And you have radio speakers voice ("colorful and low") but as such would almost need some proper recording and (post)editing-processing (which actually would be a good practice for all videos on RIO and would boost quality of complete RIO coaching site). But before all of that the first very important thing is pronunciation. Dont get me wrong please, I am not criticizing, on contrary as I said your voice is perfect so with little effort you would have the best sounding videos! I am just saying all of this this because a sound was mentioned in replies and you have superb "sound potential":) So, I know you don`t have time for that but anyhow, in case you want to try, I would recommend you to speak a bit slower with a bit more of a "mouth opening" - slightly exaggerated pronunciation. Good microphone-audio interface, acoustically treated room with proper level of signal recording is helping a lot too. And if you wish to go even a step further I can help you with post-production, at least once for a test would be fun:)

Oct. 10, 2019 | 7:11 a.m.

OK, thank you!

Sept. 25, 2019 | 4:40 a.m.

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How last hand ended?:P:)

Sept. 24, 2019 | 3:39 p.m.

Hi, I am not sure if I am in the right place to post this thread but I would just like to ask is there any announcement of Phil (and others) streaming live on Twitch? I always miss out those "live TV shows" because I am not aware that they will be going on. So, how to get notifications, where to find out upfront for those events? Thank you in advance!

Sept. 23, 2019 | 7:46 a.m.

Hehe, o it is fine, I was sure that is the case and for everyone else this was clear all the time, but I sometimes complicate things too much and I am trying to going "deep" when there is really no need for that, but thanks, now I feel peace:PPP:))

Sept. 23, 2019 | 7:36 a.m.

Thank you very much, yeah I am quite clear on that strategy I am just a bit confused with word "(top) pair blocker" because we hold that top pair, so it is kind of a blocker but it is also our pair if you know what I mean, I am just not sure if "I like" that terminology:)

Sept. 21, 2019 | 4:37 a.m.

Hi, I would like to ask about a hand on 18:20 - right table; why do you recommend playing slower with "wraper" when you dont hold a (top) pair blocker (which to me is not quite a blocker at all, but that is for another discussion)? With what hands will then opponents calling you (especially when those cards do not threaten your straight on the future streets)? So you wish to push them off the hand or you just wish to have top pair to have more equity if your straight miss so "you may end up with 2 pairs" or so (but then why call it a blocker)? I apologize about my English, I hope I am understandable and questions dont sound too stupid.:P:)

Sept. 19, 2019 | 7:50 a.m.

Comment | ChipTracker commented on Tricky Turn Spots

Hi, what sample of hands is needed for PLO? For NLH is around 100K or is that changed over time too?:)

Sept. 15, 2019 | 7:04 a.m.

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