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Post | DwightEisenhower posted in NLHE: 4BP B-X-B Bluff

200nl on American site. I have QsJh CO. I open to 3x, BB above-average reg (no HUDs allowed) 3-bets to 12x. I 4-bet to 26.5x, he calls.

Flop Kh53cc - Hero CBets 24%, Call

Turn 7hh - Check Check

River 5x - BB checks, Hero Jams 76%

I felt Villain's range would have a lot of A-hi and TT-88 that he may fold OTR. I liked my KQss blocker as well. I was hoping he would give me credit for A5s or a slow-played KQ+. I may not actually play KQ+ this way, however, because of all the draws that are available on the turn which would compel me to try to jam a polar range OTT. But perhaps I should move a few combos like AcAh or AhKc to my Turn-XB range? What do you guys think of this hand?

Jan. 22, 2019 | 11:45 p.m.

Post | DwightEisenhower posted in NLHE: 3-Barrel Bluff in 3BP

200nl American site, Villain is something between an average reg and a good reg (very few reads, no HUDs allowed)

I have QJcc in the SB. BTN opens 3x, I 3-bet to 11.25x, he Calls

Flop 642r I C-Bet 30%. he Calls.

Turn 4cc I Barrel 55%, he Calls

River Ax I Jam 80% ?

Do you guys think the average reg folds enough PPs here to justify a jam? I don't think the population is calling very many Ax OTT - and I block AQcc AJcc. While I wouldn't be 2-Barreling too many Ax, I still have Axcc and A3s/A5s/A4s to jam for value OTR.

Jan. 22, 2019 | 11:39 p.m.

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