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Post | Flexin posted in NLHE: NL100 Turn Strategy

Hello, I don't have a solver but would be super interesting to know how solver approaches turn. We have so many bluff candidates here so this might be overbluffing, but at the same time I'm blocking his only set, so seems like a really nice triple off. Could anyone take a look in which hands solver prefers to cbet turn with (KQ Q9 98 67 4x) and if this K4 gets in there do we continue on bricks or only when some of our draws get there? Thank you!

Nov. 24, 2020 | 3:13 p.m.

Post | Flexin posted in NLHE: Database Analysis Leaks

Hello, lately I've been looking through my database and I have few questions. First of all, I played 100k hands on NL100 5max with ev of 6.5bb/100. However I found out that in the pots between 10-30bb (Filter: Total Pot Size Big Blinds Between 10 and 30) in 14.3k hands my ev is -36bb/100 which seems terrible. I did figure out that some of it is because of the rake, which is the most costly in the pots of this size (capped in the bigger ones), however rake in these pots is larger by only 12bb/100, which means I'm still heavily bleeding in the pots of this size. Do you guys have any idea where could be the problem or what should I be looking at?
Another question would be about money won without showdown. I filtered "Didn't see flop" and in 76k hands I get ev of -4.9bb/100 (BB -33; SB -27; BTN +17; CO +10.5; MP +7). Is it bad that it's negative? How should I improve my preflop winrate? Am I not deffending enough against 3bets? If I filter "Didn't see Flop+RFI+Face a 3bet" I have -200bb/100, while in just "RFI+Face a 3bet" I have -55bb/100 which seems good.
P.S. idk it might help, but my total red line is -7k, blue line +14k.
Thank you

Nov. 17, 2020 | 8:36 p.m.

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