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NL200 100bb stacks, anonymous tables

HJ opens for $6 (with 8d8c)
CO (hero) 3bets $22 with KsKh
Folds around
HJ calls

Flop: 5h4hJd pot $47
HJ checks
Hero bets $14.50
HJ calls

Turn: 5h4hJdJc pot $76
HJ checks
Hero bets $33.50
HJ calls

River: 5h4hJdJc8s pot $143
HJ shoves remaining $130

I called knowing in my deep subconscious that this guy probably rivered a house. The way action went down and some timing tells, though possible for him to have a J, I was nearly 100% convinced he didn’t. On turn I was targeting pocket pairs 7-Q and when he called turn I was convinced that’s what he had. So when he shoved river I was pretty upset because I felt like optimally I had to call even though it felt like a gross 2 outer.

how often should I be callling vs folding here? I’ve played enough hands where very often I lose big pots that pio would probably tell me to call but I more often than I’m simply beat. But because it’s online, there’s always more pressure to avoid soul reading plays but I feel like it’s my barrier to achieving the next level of skill. Thought

March 8, 2019 | 1:01 p.m.

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