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Is villain really going to be light that often given his stack size and position and your stack size?


Surely there is better 3b spots for villain to take rather 3beting a player utg with a stack that has him covered and has more options to pressure the villain preflop and post.


If we had the top of our range are we going to 4bet to size hoping he 5bets all in light, utg1? Would villain even do this with AQ here?


Devlin made reference to 4betting on the larger size, because the villain will be getting good odds with a wider range, but given villains position stack and position, how wide do we think villain is 3betting in the first place and then how much that range is he willing to put over 1/3 of his stack in with preflop playing against a utg 4bet range?


Depends if you think villain is really getting out of line, but I may just call pre and reevaluate post, given all the info and your read, it doesn’t feel great 4b/c

June 24, 2015 | 4:43 a.m.

hey phil

i think villains flatting range would strong enough here from the sb, and would assume its made of hands to good to fold, but not good enough/or he doesnt feel comfortable with, to 3b gii against your utg pfr range. Maybe something like AQo/KQs,66-TT/JJ.

You said villain, flatted SB twice recently and donked big both times on low flops getting instant folds. For me, it would be interesting to know the pfr's position in both cases and whether the pots where multiway or headsup?And maybe any 3b% and vpip/pfr stats you may have for him?

I kinda of like his line of donking,as he could assume you dont have many 8x in your range, and would probably fast play over pairs and nut flush draws a decent % of the time on the flop, (but maybe not??)

I cant see him getting to the river with much air type hands that he randomly decides to triple barrel bluff, besides busted flush draws obviously, and I feel he is more like to jam or just check give up with those on the river, if not to try and x/r gii on the flop. Also kinda think he may only barrel nut flush draws, of which he may only flat aj(which u block)/a10(which he may fold pre)/aq pre flop, as a baseline assumption.

As played, I'm not sure if I like just calling flop,given his tendency to donk, as I would expect turn bet a decent % of the time from this type of player on blank turns. would prefer maybe to bluff raise flop,(preferably  if we held the A of hearts rather than the J)and barrel heart turns and J/q/k/a, to put pressure on 66-JJ. If I do float flop, i think im just giving up on this turn however.

Interested to hear other peoples thoughts and whether I'm on the right line, cheers.

Dec. 23, 2013 | 11:57 a.m.

thats excellent, cheers

Dec. 12, 2013 | 4:05 a.m.

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