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Blinds are 30 / 60

I have 60 bbs.  I am dealt Kc10c on the high jack.  Folds to me, I raise to 2.5 bb.  Button calls.  SB calls for 2bb more.  BB folds.  3 players.  Pot: 510

Flop:  5hJcQc

Monster flop for me, open-ended straight flush draw.  SB decides to weak lead with a bet of 180 into 510.  It could be a fish bet holding two pair hoping for a raise, but my read of Q with weak kicker is later confirmed after I raise.  My hand is very strong and I want to either play it fast on the flop and get all my chips in or hopefully make a weak Queen fold.  I raise to 680, 500 oo top.  Button folds.  SB simply only calls the 500 more, instead of re-raising, which screams weak Q or a draw.  Pot: 1,870

Turn:  7h

Clearly I miss huge here on this card, but my story would logically be that this is a great blank that keeps me ahead and strong from the flop.  SB checks to me.  I bet 935, half the pot.  The SB simply calls which is perplexing to me.  I'm thinking why would a weak Q call for so much, unless the turn gave him a heart draw.  The club draw is overpaying.  Either way, I'm happy with simply the call.  I figure if I river a K, my hand is best.  Ace gives me the straight.  9 the straight.  Any club I have the flush.  8 or below, I can fire yet again and likely get the weak Q to fold.  I like being in position here.

River: Ah

SB thinks this is a bluffable card for him.  He pushes all in.  Woops.  I snap call with my straight.

Should I have better any larger on the turn?  Would a smooth call and then raise on the turn been a better play?  Always looking for constructive feedback.

Thanks a lot.

May 18, 2013 | 10:56 p.m.

Looking back maybe I just should have folded this hand pf?  I also could have gotten away from it on the flop.  Just interested to see what you all think.  Either way, I know I could have played it better, why I'm posting.

I get dealt 66 in the small blind, and one of the larger stacks (around 45+ bb) raises to 3xbb.  I am short with only 20bbs.  Folds to me with 150 in, and I call for 810 more.  Pot:  2,160

Flop:  3h9dJh

I check.  He c-bets for 1,640 into 2,160.

My problem is that I had committed to thinking he had something like an AK, AQ, KQ type hand.  I was realized also he may have connected with the Jack.  But vs the first three hands I am ahead.  Instead of re-raising all-in, I smooth call to see if I dodge an A, K or Q.  I probably should have either check-raised all-in on flop or simply folded.  My opponent had put me on a similar range, which was problematic.

Turn:  3s

If my read is right, this is a great card for me.  Again, problem was, my opponent was thinking the same thing.  I push all-in first to act on the turn and get a snap call.

I show 66, and he shows 77.

I'm knocked out.  I finished 30th out of 61 entries.

May 18, 2013 | 11:42 a.m.

We all play enough where we see a flop like this hundreds of times over.  But I'd like to see what you all think on how to extract the most value when you're the one with the monster flop.

Usually your hole cards pair with the non-paired card on the board, which is always difficult to play.  Much less often, you actually have a piece of the paired card on the board on the flop to give you trips, or your pocket pair hits the non-paired card on the board for a FH.  In this case, I flop quad 7s.  I'm interested to see if I played it well, and if I could have extracted more value here.

Blinds 50/100

I get dealt 77 in early position.  UTG min raises, and I smooth call.  Player to my left calls, as does the button, small, and big blind.  6 players.  Pot:  1,200

Flop:  7dQc7s

PF raiser gives up the lead and actually checks, I check, everyone checks all around.

Turn:  8s

PF raiser bets 300 into 1,200.  I am next to act, and I simply call, hoping for a raise behind me.  This doesn't happen.  We get 2 more callers.  Pot:  2,400.

River:  9c

No flush out there.  Straight is possible for J10 or 56.  But relatively harmless, bad for me.  PF raiser checks, I decide to bet 600 into 2,400.  Player to my left simply calls.  All else folds.

I show my quad 7s and player shows Ace high.

Could I have played this better by betting on the flop?  Is there any way to extract more value here?  Thanks.

May 17, 2013 | 9:55 p.m.

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