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Feb. 23, 2019 | 1:38 p.m.


So im struggling big time breaking into NL10z, im feeling like alot of it is me punting, and also me playing poorly when tired etc. A bit of it being run bad, but since im struggling, im obvious soul searching everything i can. Which lead me to look though all my stats, for every position, though out the games.

Is there any obvious leaks in my stats? if any stats is needed to make a guess please feel free to ask for them, i have split my stats up for each position and combined, its a sample of 109k hands since i started poker 1st january. So not the biggest sample, but hopefully still able to spot a few weird things in my stats, i failed to do so my self, i think im too tight from Btn / CO, and that my 3b is in general way too low, but beside that i failed to find issues.

Overall stats







Thanks in advance, for anyone willing to spend their time looking over my stats, and giving their advice on potentiel leaks. If there is any videos which could help me, please let me know, im only an essentiel member though, but might be something? im really trying hard to get into the NL10z pool, since my 2019 goal is to advance to higher stakes, im working very hard, but being in the hole over 25k hands on NL10 is quite depressing, even though i know alot of my mistakes already, i really want to improve as much as possible!!!.

Feb. 23, 2019 | 1:37 p.m.

Im aware that some of the strategy is applied, but so much of the material for NL200+ is GTO based these days, and GTO is by no means possible to apply on anything below NL100.

But thank you for the respond, i will take it into consideration.

Feb. 4, 2019 | 12:10 a.m.

Thank you for the reply, very much appreciated. Sadly what i was concerned about, will give the thread a few days, and hope someone have something positive for the micros :)

Feb. 3, 2019 | 4:19 p.m.


So im quite new here, but i have been searching the web for a good place to learn..

Im currently playing NL10, somewhat soon planning on moving up to NL25, the issue is that i need a tutoring site.

I feel like the videos on Run It Once seem good, but on the same hand, there is very few (if any? havn't found any), of games below NL200, a few on NL100, but those strategy thoughts are not really transferable to NL10/NL25, where the games are so much more nit infested, and people way more stick post flop, so is the videos on this side worth it for a micro grinder?.

Are the videos thats 1 yr old even relevant for todays games? with the tempo that online poker moves, i wonder if the videos thats more than a year old, will have become stagnent and maybe slightly irrelevant.

Hope someone can suggest something, aswell if you think this site is good for my stakes, would essentiel or elite be the way to go? and what experts am i looking for? I mean there is no doubt that this site is awesome, for people playing NL200 or higher, but i just don't know if they can teach me things i can actully use on NL10/NL25, its obvious good to know things i can use later on, when i eventually get to NL100+ but for now i need to make sure i continue crushing at the micros / low stakes.

Best Regards

Feb. 3, 2019 | 11:48 a.m.

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