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In the High Stakes Arena: A Week at Triton

If someone ever asks me why I love the game of poker, I have a simpler answer - the people. Okay, game theory and money are cool too.
Last week was great for me to fall in love with the game once again.

The Unexpected Call to the Big League:
I walked into the event with the modest intention of enjoying the spa, ocean and food with my girlfriend, immersing myself in a couple of friendly 25/25 and 25/50 games and meet with friends. Fate, however, had other plans. Before I could even get a feel of the room, I found myself seated at the televised 200/400 Triton table on the very first night. Yup, that was exciting and new for me! Sadly the game turned out to be a lot tougher than expected, with higher rake than expected. The game was Yoh Viral, Adrian Mateos, Paul Newy, Elky (he was super nice and likes TFT hehe) and Rob Kuhn. Later on, shortly before I left (I was super tired from the flight), Sosia joined the game and brought a new, relaxed, stressless, atmosphere to the table. I booked a small win, probably made a very bad fold or two ( I think theoretically correct but didn't know the players well except Yoh Viral.)
Anyway it was a thrill and I am happy I had this experience! Hopefully one day again! Next time I'll shave so I look less like a hobo!
For the next couple of days I was playing 25/50 and 50/100. Sadly the poker gods weren't nice to me so I ended up loosing around 20-30k. I'll get them back another time!
The loosing was, as usually, a tough pill to swallow, especially given that online volume is limited nowadays. I stopped trying to fix my "mental" game a long time ago and just accept what's coming to me and if I feel bad about something, sure I feel bad. Happens. Acceptance helped me way more than constantly trying to feel good.
The great thing with biggish money losses to me is that if anything, I am more eager than ever to return, put my poker skills to the test, study and bounce back stronger.

Fun, fun, fun
The food at triton or merit is usually a delight. Arguably the best buffet you could ever hope for only rivaled by something like Bellagio(?). But like everything else, even the most delectable dishes lose their charm after a few days. However the ocean views, the spa, the gym facilities and time spent with friends + girlfriend made it an overall enjoyable stay! (also the other regs are really nice!)

Here is something to think about:
As we've all heard highest EV means highest stakes from Mobius and some of the others.
If your hourly would be, just for examples sake,100 and all you need is a liquidity of 10-20k to keep you safely bankrolled. How much more liquidity and swings are you willing to invest to get your hourly up to 150? 200? 120? etc.?

I'm back to my online grind now. Talk to you soon.
Have a great day,

May 24, 2023 | 11:57 a.m.

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Hello friends,
What you can expect:
Updates on my poker journey live and online.
Movie reviews.
Stupid thoughts.

Who I am:
Professional Poker Player for quite a few years now.
Have done multiple questionable things like playing 200k hands/month for rakeback challenges or playing up to 200/400 with some of the big names. (not so subtle brag)
I loooooooove movies.

I'll update every now and then. I won't answer technical questions but apart from that feel free to add whatever you want to the conversation!
I'll make my first proper post soon!

Have a great day,

May 9, 2023 | 11:32 p.m.

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