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I recently picked up poker again after not playing for a few years. A lot has happened and I think one of the quickest ways for me to improve is to learn newly discovered concepts and ways to study from people that have put in the hours. Both the course and the Elite videos seem good for this and I'm looking for the best starting point out of the two.

The membership comes with the benefit of community. It would be great if I can find a study group with players that are consistently putting in 20+ hours of study a week and are willing to share their findings to combine efforts to improve. Are there active MTT study groups that fit this description?

Another benefit of a membership may be the variety of perspectives because there are a bigger number of coaches. I'm really looking to build my own strategy and therefore it's important to get as much variety as possible so I can explore different strategies in solvers and find the ones that are a good fit for my style and work well against the population. I see the Pads course also has a few different coaches and I know his strategy is a mix of his own style and the stuff he has learned from other bitB coaches, so maybe having fewer coaches isn't that much of a downside.

A huge benefit of the course could be the structure. It's easy to watch videos on all kind of topics and not really go to deep into individual topics enough, so studying spots step by step can be helpful.

Any thoughts from people who have both a membership and bought the course? Thanks in advance :)

June 3, 2024 | 10:19 a.m.

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