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Hey Cameron nice vid, I've been watching a lot of your live play vids and I think a lot of your thought process is really solid. Hope you make more vids like this!

Feb. 15, 2015 | 6:24 p.m.

play live lol

Feb. 1, 2015 | 8:07 p.m.

Comment | MicroFish commented on Value Betting

Wow very rich content in this video. I've been wanting to work on some of this. I'm going to have to study it later I'm too tired now.

Dec. 31, 2013 | 4 a.m.

Sept. 26, 2013 | 11:47 p.m.

ok thanks guys 

Sept. 2, 2013 | 5:15 p.m.

Post | MicroFish posted in NLHE: Tnl QJs vs loose player

Sorry for no converter guys, I play on bovada :\

Anyways this player was very loose passive, am I being a bit greedy with my sizing here?

Me(UTG) $12.63  -  VP:16 PFR:13 AF:7.0 W:29|50 STL:25|100 3B:0| CB:100| N:-10.15 Hands:31P2

(MP) $48.37   -  VP:71 PFR:26 AF:1.1 W:30|57 STL:30|40 3B:17|0 CB:43|60 N:16.97 Hands:34P3

(CO) $9.48    -  VP:27 PFR:9 AF:1.0 W:100|100 STL:|100 3B:0|100 CB:100| N:2.70 Hands:11P4

(BTN) $0.68   -  VP:30 PFR:20 AF:2.0 W:100|0 STL:|100 3B:7|50 CB:100|0 N:-19.32 Hands:20P5

(SB) $5.51    -  VP:38 PFR:14 AF:4.0 W:0| STL:50|100 3B:0|33 CB:100|100 N:-4.79 Hands:21P6

(BB) $19.23   -  VP:61 PFR:33 AF:1.2 W:20|100 STL:100|100 3B:8|0 CB:33|33 N:14.97 Hands:18Pre Flop:

 Me(UTG) with [Qc,Jc]Me(UTG) raises 0.30, P2(MP) calls 0.30, P3(CO) folds, P4(BTN) folds, P5(SB) calls 0.25, P6(BB) calls 0.20 

 Flop: (Th,Jh,5d) (4 players)P5(SB) checks, P6(BB) checks, Me(MP) bets 0.90, P2(LP) calls 0.90, P5(SB) folds, P6(BB) folds 

 Turn: Qd (2 players)Me(EP) bets 2.50, P2(LP) calls 2.50  

River: 4s (2 players)Me(EP) bets 8.93, P2(LP) calls 8.93  

Sept. 2, 2013 | 3:45 a.m.

WOW you play way differently than me.. AQo hand was most interesting.

July 23, 2013 | 1:17 a.m.

I REALLY like this vid, It'd be cool if you made more theory vids.

Visuals are awesome.

July 20, 2013 | 8:47 p.m.

You don't barrel with your flushdraw + 2 overcards to the 9 ?

Vs a loose passive recreational player? No, he's peeling very wide. fold equity? there is no such thing here. IDK maybe a small cbet but he's so likely to c/behind

I don't think I was very descriptive vs villain, let me just put it this way

I somehow (now know) he's flatting with a Q high flush here, i.e, only raising nutted Flushes.

His calling range is inelastic, "loose, passive recreational" I realize value bets shouldn't always be huge, but I do not think 8$ is going to make him fold a 9+ here (and the rare junk AX)

Given these two factors is it not a larger bet?

I should have maybe put some stats vpip in the 40's FTCB in the 20s

very non aggressive in general

July 18, 2013 | 5 a.m.

oh yeah just edited it lol

B/F for sure but should we have gone bigger? I wasn't 100% sure with my sizing. 

I think flop sizing is meh too.

July 18, 2013 | 3:26 a.m.

CO: $38.77
BN: $41.80
SB: $27.62
BB: $9.74
HJ: $25 (Hero)
Preflop ($0.35) (5 Players)
Hero was dealt A A
Hero raises to $0.75, CO calls $0.75, BN folds, SB folds, BB folds
Ah pefect hand obv, CO is very loose passive player, so is the button.
Flop ($1.85) 9 2 6 (2 Players)
Hero bets $1.25, CO calls $1.25
maybe I could have gone a bit bigger on the flop
Turn ($4.35) 9 2 6 A (2 Players)
Hero bets $4.14, CO calls $4.14
Awesome turn, you can see I crank up the sizing because this guy peels with almost any piece of the board
(maybe a reason to turn up the heat on the flop.
River ($12.63) 9 2 6 A 3 (2 Players)
Hero bets $8, CO calls $8
This is where the hand get's weird. The guy is so loose passive, I think this is a bet fold as he literally only shows up with straights and flushes here when he shoves.

is there an argument for shipping? I don't know so many draws in his range I'm thinking bet fold but the river is what I'm wondering about the most.
Final Pot

July 18, 2013 | 3:06 a.m.

What sizing do you prefer?

July 16, 2013 | 10:43 p.m.

OK ty .. yeah I just hate losing these 25$ buyins when I do so much more of a zinger than 10$ haha. Probably have been posting every single lost 200bb pot somewhere or another.

July 16, 2013 | 2:58 a.m.

Hand History | MicroFish posted in NLHE: 25NL KK vs UTG open- 6 bet jam
SB: $25
BB: $26.38 (Hero)
HJ: $27.62
CO: $53.87
BN: $12.08
Preflop ($0.35) (5 Players)
Hero was dealt K K
HJ raises to $0.75, CO folds, BN folds, SB raises to $2.15, Hero raises to $6.50, HJ raises to $15, SB folds, Hero raises to $19.63, and is all in, HJ calls $10.63

July 16, 2013 | 2:23 a.m.

Yeah I was basically trying to bluff catch . I feel where I messed up the most was the river because his barrel range is heavily low AX (obv he'd of 3b strong AX pre)

I think he'd go larger with 8X OTT so I discount it a lot.

Should've just folded here based on his sizing alone.

Thanks for checking my line guys!! expect more hands from me I'm in unknown territories here in 25NL!!


July 15, 2013 | 4:01 a.m.

Hand History | MicroFish posted in NLHE: 25NL KQs - check calling a barreler
BB: $42.43
UTG: $25.70
HJ: $26.88
CO: $22.36
BN: $28.28
SB: $25.10 (Hero)
Preflop ($0.35) (6 Players)
Hero was dealt Q K
UTG folds, HJ raises to $0.75, CO folds, BN calls $0.75, Hero calls $0.65, BB folds
HJ is a rec player BTN is a Loose aggres rec player (47/28) KQs plays decent multiway so I peeled
Flop ($2.50) Q 6 8 (3 Players)
Hero checks, HJ checks, BN bets $2.38, Hero calls $2.38, HJ folds
I was considering betting into the HJ (not a bad plan) but BTN is very aggressive and has a high WWSF, I figure he is barreling alot of hands here that otherwise fold, and thought he'd put in money and the rec player would maybe call behind (2 bets instead of 1) I know it's not a cbet, but his flop cbet is high
Turn ($7.26) Q 6 8 8 (2 Players)
Hero checks, BN bets $4.25, Hero calls $4.25
Good turn card for me, I'm thinking he is still betting a lot of overs here and I want to keep his bluffs in still, I think I'm also ahead of most of his value ranges, he has a lot of weaker queens. he cbetting turn 75%
River ($15.76) Q 6 8 8 A (2 Players)
Hero checks, BN bets $7.25, Hero calls $7.25
FML.. if I bet into him he's not going to bluff, and I know his range was a lot of AX, his bet size is so valuey should I check fold here? he cbets river 100%
Final Pot
Yeah I'm just taking for some good advice here any more info you want LMK, I am trying to move up to 25nl slowly but surely after playing 10nl and grinding up roll for 4 months.
I'll probably be posting more hands here for review TY guys

July 14, 2013 | 11:40 p.m.

Hand History | MicroFish posted in NLHE: OBv another QJ trips hand
BN: $11.65 (Hero)
SB: $11.57
BB: $32.74
Preflop ($0.15) (3 Players)
Hero was dealt Q J
Hero raises to $0.30, SB calls $0.25, BB calls $0.20
3 way.. BB is a recreational player.
Flop ($0.90) 4 J J (3 Players)
SB checks, BB bets $0.20, Hero raises to $0.80, SB folds, BB raises to $1.20, Hero raises to $10.55, and is all in, BB calls $9.95
At the time of this hand his stats were 32/8, 25% FTCB 67% CBET 40% flop AFQ over ~181 hand lmk if you want to know anything more.
Turn ($23.60) 4 J J 5 (2 Players)
River ($23.60) 4 J J 5 3 (2 Players)
Final Pot

July 10, 2013 | 4:04 a.m.

Comment | MicroFish commented on 10NL JsQs

This guy is conservative enough to fold worse QX I think that's critical - and keeps in many worse besides worse QX but we are isolating ourselves vs a stronger queen too often and missing value from worse.

July 8, 2013 | 10:21 p.m.

Comment | MicroFish commented on 10NL JsQs

Yeah I must've misclicked there's a flush draw out there so flop sizing is terribad. I play at WPN and usually just auto click the 2/3pot button obv clicked 1/2 pot here. >.<

@Chanel Sonnen, ty for checking out my line I like your included thought proccess

Just joined here so I'm sure I'll be posting more hands soon :)

July 8, 2013 | 2:32 a.m.

Hand History | MicroFish posted in NLHE: 10NL JsQs
BB: $10.18
UTG: $12.30
HJ: $9.48
CO: $13.78
BN: $10.10 (Hero)
SB: $7.52
both players in blind have high FTS
Preflop ($0.15) (6 Players)
Hero was dealt J Q
UTG folds, HJ folds, CO folds, Hero raises to $0.20, SB folds, BB calls $0.10
Flop ($0.45) 4 Q Q (2 Players)
BB checks, Hero bets $0.22, BB raises to $0.66, Hero calls $0.44
I'm really not sure what to put him on here, there are smaller Q's in his range (maybe Q9s+?) but I didn't want to isolate myself vs KQ AQ by 4 betting the flop I think he's conservative enough to get away from smaller queens.
Turn ($1.77) 4 Q Q 9 (2 Players)
BB bets $1.06, Hero calls $1.06
River ($3.89) 4 Q Q 9 3 (2 Players)
BB checks, Hero bets $2.40, BB calls $2.40
Final Pot

July 7, 2013 | 11:14 p.m.

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