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came across this thought so a player explained to me that in PLO when you get shorter you need to play tighter in your preflop etc. He explained that since the tournament progress and chips become more valueable, its better to play tighter.

But it reminded me a thought that was some time ago proven wrong in NLHE.
In old times this idea was also very idea in Holdem, but when solvers came, we saw that actually since the stacks are smaller you need less equity to stack-off so you dont necessarily want to tighten up. Since its more of an equity question, it made me puzzled someone to say so. So I would like some more experienced PLO guy clear this up for me. Is my intution right that this idea is not good or its just so much different...

So ... is it relevant to play tighter in PLO MTTS with 20 BB, 15 bb? etc . Or its bs and I should disregard such advice.

June 29, 2023 | 12:16 a.m.

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