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Maybe this is not right forum for this question but I think big, strong guys at 100NL and 50NL are using solvers. So, to catch up I need use solver as well. I need to make ruple in order to attract vulgar Russian women. I wish to eat Omakase and get blowjob.

I hear GTO Wizard is pretty good. Good User Xperience and Interface. It's not actually a solver though but everything solved for me making it faster and easier and simpler. I also hear that it is .3% off. Not that big of a deal for 10 NL but maybe Galfond would not like. I also worry that I can't run different bet-sizes.

PIO Solver seems like the tried and true. I think I have 16 GB of Ram. I worry that sims would take a long time and not be so easy to set up.

I don't know what else is there? Monkey Solver? Poker Snowie? GTO+?

I really need help guys. I can see myself in ostentatious designer clothing eating caviar by the pool. For now, I am holed up in this tiny room eating a potato in this 10 year old shirt with zero Russian women. The Solver won't have all the answers but it will help with poker solutions. Please help guys.

May 4, 2024 | 3:39 a.m.

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