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live 5/10 nl. 

V is younger asian male who has taken weird lines. example, folded to V in SB and he limps, BB raises to 40 and V calls. flop Q96 V ch and BB bets 60 V calls. Turn Q96T and V leads 150 and BB tank folds AA face up and V shows Q7 so....

hero is a young white male no image, only been at table for 30 min.

$1000 (100bb) eff

hero opens 30 in mp with QJdd 2 callers and V calls in SB and BB calls. 

flop (150): Qs Jh 5s V checks and hero bets 110 others fold and V calls.

turn (370): Qs Jh 5s Js V checks and hero bets smallish (140) and V quickly raises to 300.

in order to get max value do we just call or do we shove?

March 5, 2014 | 11:05 p.m.

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