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As the Title say I'm actually a pro player on spin and go's. I went to spins as a way to fastly win enough money to sustain a living by playing poker but my game of heart always has been PLO4. On a certain way, PLO5 and PLO6 to but those will wait until I got enough experience in the plo4 game.

I'm an hard worker and transitioning since 30th December following 2 masterclass. However, as a formerly spin player I used to be in a stable ( Team651 ) and even tho working alone doesn't scare me I admit that working in a stable environnement or in a single CFP environnement would definitly be a bliss for me And I'm really looking forward to it if possible.

Not looking to play on apps ( even tho I'm not shutting the door completly ) I do on another hand have access to every .FR clients.

For complementary info, I'm 25 as of now, pro since a year and I'm putting a lot of work as I just love this game. My goal is to set myself as a regular at the top tables and to learn plo5 later on.

If anyone is interested to just even talk about it, don't hesitate to leave your contact or to just pm me, I'll be glad to read and answer you !

Also here are my discord and Skype id if you'd rather talk there.

Discord is : sashally

Skype ID is : live:.cid.e042e12a63e44684

Jan. 9, 2024 | 3:46 p.m.

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