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As far as I know. Stars has the best traffic and best software, yet is slightly tougher at all stakes.

888Poker and Party Poker are the 2 biggest sites with the softest players. They are both connected to huge gambling sites and have a lot of people who have just been playing blackjack/sports betting who want to try a dabble in poker and fully expecting to lose their money just like all gambling. But their software isn't anywhere near as good as stars/FT but from experience its still better than likes of iPoker and some of the american sites. And Party > 888. 888 and Party also have just as many bonuses as stars tbh.

March 13, 2017 | 9:46 p.m.

AK hand around the 7 minute mark.
- Squeeze is good
- On the flop I think you need to cbet. You don't have enough equity to check call and it's easy for villain to put a lot of pressure on you on later streets. You have the K of hearts to barrel some good turns. If you are going to check this hand it needs to be a check/fold.
- On the river you have an easy value bet, you are always ahead here and he always has a Qx or Ax so I'd bet a little bigger, 35% is just leaving money on the table in spots like that you can go as high as 55-65% pot.

7:50 JTs
- Again its a very dry K73 rainbow board, and you have JTs with the backdoor flush. You can't check call and you have a lot of good turns you can barrel whilst he will miss this board a lot and have total air. You need to cbet. I'd try and cbet more in spots such as this and keep the bet slightly smaller( 50-55% pot ) with a wider range. Do the same bet sizing with your value hands. When you have a hand like TT or JJ on a board like this it gets tricky. You can check call against most players(at micros for sure) and if you're up against a good regular you'll probably want to bet that hand to otherwise it's very exploitable and puts your hand face-up. So bet small with 100% of your continuing range etc.
- On the river as played, yeah he never has anything but you need to bet bigger. I think this is a pretty big leak that you are betting this small in these pots. He has A high a lot of the time here, a small pair he's trying to showdown or absolutely nothing. Nothing is never going to call but you want to put his Ax hands and his small pairs in a tricky spot because you'll have air a lof of the time here too and and to bet bigger with those hands. Your bet is still polarised so bet 3.5-4 instead of 2 IMO.

10:36 T3s in the CO
- I assume you used stats that the table was really nitty and took am ambitious steal here. But I don't think this should ever be an open. If you wanna exploit the nits in the blinds you can open pretty lose but I think T7s, 96s type hands are the lowest you should go. T3s is basically any 2 cards and it going to be so tough to play when you are called. So yeah keep exploiting nits but try and stay closer to the standard openings still otherwise you'll get punished.
- The btn is much different, against the same players T3s can be an open on the button but you need to make sure if you open hands this low you are defending wider against 3bets.

77 around 11:20
- I don't like the 3bet. It's a gross spot because the player behind is still left to act and if he 4bets you can't call. So I'd call if the opener was more passive(stats/reads) and fold if he's more aggressive.
-As played, you're in a 4bet pot. I don't think you should be betting 65% pot. The initial pot is already large and it's another super dry board you should bet smaller say 50% or it's harder for his middle pairs and floats to call.
- When faced with the raise, very well played with the re-raise. It's such a narrow range now he only has AK or a FD, possibly a straight draw once in a blue moon. So you want to charge his draws and get stacks in Asap. Raise size is good too, although maybe go slightly larger for the times he has draws so he has to jam or fold instead of having the option to just call with good odds.

K2o at 13:20 ish.
- Really don't think you should be raising the limper with K2o, you're pushing your luck a bit. When he limps he's much less likely to fold to your 4x raise than if you were stealing blinds. K2o might be too loose if it was on the button also at these stakes.
- As played, you have nothing but it's a dry board with a weaker player. You missed the cbet. You aren't gunna have many draws on this board anyway so having the 2 in your hand opens op a lot of turn barrel opportunities if an A drops etc with the gutshot straight draw. But you don't need to be balanced here against the weaker player. You need to just cbet 50% pot in all these spots. It's a dry board, he never has anything and will fold most of the time to this bet so just do it, then just giveup when called unless you hit the king. That's how you beat the micros. But not cbetting is a big leak IMO, you're giving away too many of these pots.

- good fold. He made it a large 3bet size and you're near the bottom of your CO range. You can consider 4bet bluffing if he is 3betting too much and it was a smaller sizing. Never call this with that hand.

QTo the next hand
- I'd call here. Limp then a raise, you have high cards and buttons range is wide. You can profitably call here multiway and play pots with the weaker player when you hit.

88 UTG at 15:30
- I'd fold this to MP 3bet. You have so many stronger hands to call here and you're out of position. You're only calling here to set mine but OOP it's not going to be that profitable. But it can be ok I guess at 2NL because you'll likely get more stacks in when you do hit but I'd still lean towards folding against most nits.

J4s at 16:10
- Were you going for the check/raise? This is a great hand to bluff. You don't have that many Value hands but he will have a hard time calling you down with a 6x and has a lot of hands that can't call. This is one of the best bluffing hands you have. If you weren't going for a X/R you should be betting big on this turn, say 70% pot. And betting big on a lot of rivers.
- If you had bet the 9 on the river is the perfect card to continue with. It completes more of your draws, is another over card to his 8x 6x and you don't have many bluffs left on this river because you aren't going to be bluffing much on the Q turn regardless.

17:05 JTo
-JTo and JTs are one of the easiest hands to play in position as the raiser. The fish limped, I think it's just going to be so profitable to raise him to 4x then cbet on a lot of boards. I think you miss value here by folding hands like JTo even 9To in these spots.
- When you see someone limp you're reaction should be to play pots with this player. You don't need a great hand you. If you get in a pot with a slightly weaker hand he won't put you in a tough spot, you can get out of the pot easily, but you will win so often as he's probably just playing fit or fold postflop and if the baord is say, T 5 2, he will pay you off 2 or 3 streets with the 5 or his draw.

I stopped footage at 17:20.
These are all just my opinions, I'm not a pro by any means but I have been profitable at higher stakes a while back and have had an Elite subscription on here. But I hope I've given you a few things to thing about. I think you played it well for the most parts.
Big leaks I would say are missed cbets, small betsizing with value hands. You're slightly too tight against weak players limping and too loose in some seal spots. I think you're thought process should be "can I bluff" every time you don't make a good hand on the flop and see if theres another option rather than just check folding. If you can pickup more of those type of pots that is going to have a huge impact on your winrate.

March 13, 2017 | 3:21 a.m.

AQo too lose as a 3bet vs most players and too strong to bluff. It should almost always be a call IMO.

March 12, 2017 | 4:57 a.m.

When he leads I expect him to have strong made hands such as what he showed down with and draws. When he checks the turn he's probably pot controlling with a strong hand or has picked up some equity with his draws(AXhh). So that makes the turn check back pretty good.

You don't have many bluffs on this river so I think it's ambitious he's going to bluffcatch with a hand like QJ and there aren't many combos of AXhh which is all I can see him calling you with that's worse. It's a little thin but it's pretty close because you are still ahead of most of his range and he had pretty much the only hand that beats you but he thought was too tin to value bet on the river.

March 12, 2017 | 1:35 a.m.

Comment | TFX commented on mp TK vs BB

I mean, he might bet AA which you beat even though that's very thin for value and I think most people will check that hand here. He's definitely not betting AK.

His value range is certainly very small, KK, AQs for sure. Does he have hands like A9s, Q9s? a lot of players will have a polarised range vs MP OOP. Can he get here with KJ? Any info about his 3betting stats/range will be very useful here. I don't think it's wrong to call here given the price you don't have to be good here very often for it to be profitable.

But I lean towards a fold simply because he has pretty much no bluffs, his sizing indicates a value bet, and I don't think AA is in his value range on this river.

What did he show up with?

March 9, 2017 | 9:58 p.m.

Comment | TFX commented on mp TK vs BB

The J and the T smash your 3bet calling Range. I think it's ambitious to think he value bets AK and AA on this river.

I think it's hard for him to have bluffs on this river. If he's good he could be turning some ThX into a bluff. All other draws got there. He's not betting Kx or Jx on the this river for value. I think the only bluffs he gets here with are AhXh if they are in his 3bet bluffing range preflop but he's gunna just flat a lot of those hands also from the BB.

It's a good price but I think it's still a fold unless you had a read that he bets way too thin for value on these type of boards. Exploitatively his 1/2 pot bet on the river is almost always going to be value he should be betting bigger if it's a bluff and all you really beat is a bluff.

March 9, 2017 | 9:20 p.m.

I don't like the value bet on the turn. I think you have a thin value bet on the river if it's checked to you.

When you see this raise, it's not just an overbet, he's put his entire stack into a small pot. He always has it here, I don't think you can ever see a bluff at showdown after this. He's probably not even doing this with QJ here but it's possible. I think it's more likely that he's rivered the super nuts and played his hand passively earlier on, and when you bet he's hoping you have a T and won't be able to lay it down to his monster bet.

March 9, 2017 | 9:03 p.m.

I like the river bet as played.

What is your reasoning for cbetting the flop? It hit's villains range harder than yours and if you are going to start barreling I don't think just the gutshot with AK is enough here. I'd lean towards checking and possibly taking a stab on a later street and I'd check hands like AA/KK/QQ also, AJs, some diamond's.

March 9, 2017 | 7:09 p.m.

Hand History | TFX posted in NLHE: 50NL River decision near top of my range
Blinds: $0.25/$0.50 (6 Players) BN: sutata: $50.00
SB: jessie999999: $50.13
BB: iiSouL: $50.00 (Hero)
UTG: FranSanz88: $90.63
MP: Desisz: $93.94
CO: Capushilo: $84.18
Preflop ($0.75) iiSouL is BB with Q K
3 folds, sutata raises to $1.00, jessie999999 folds, iiSouL calls $0.50
I sometimes 3bet or call, i chose to just flat this time.
Flop ($2.25) 7 Q 5
iiSouL checks, sutata bets $1.59, iiSouL calls $1.59
Turn ($5.43) 7 Q 5 T
iiSouL checks, sutata bets $4.21, iiSouL calls $4.21
River ($13.85) 7 Q 5 T A
iiSouL checks, sutata bets $10.45, iiSouL folds
Final Pot sutata wins $13.23
Rake is $0.62
So I think im near the top of my range considering how wide im going to call pre. There aren't THAT many value combos i think he bets for this sizing, He's repping AQ, the KJ straight which I block. I dont think he bets just an Ax on this river for this sizing it seems a little thin. And there are so many draws that have no showdown value still that bet this turn and it seems like a decent river card to bluff.
I just don't see me getting here with much stronger hands this this.

Nov. 6, 2014 | 7:04 p.m.

Comment | TFX commented on New RIO Layout

I can't open the forums on my android phone. Tried both Chrome and the standard browser. Other than that i like it (y)

Oct. 30, 2014 | 10:13 p.m.

Hand History | TFX posted in NLHE: 50NL River Decision
CO: $51.52
BN: $178.49
SB: $56
BB: $89
HJ: $50.75 (Hero)
Villain is standard reg, no particular reads except that iv seen him bluffcatch once.
Preflop ($0.75) (5 Players)
Hero was dealt K K
Hero raises to $1.50, CO calls $1.50, BN folds, SB folds, BB folds
Flop ($3.75) T 2 J (2 Players)
Hero bets $2.68, CO calls $2.68
Turn ($9.11) T 2 J 5 (2 Players)
Hero bets $5.82, CO calls $5.82
River ($20.75) T 2 J 5 8 (2 Players)
Hero bets $11.50, CO raises to $41.52, and is all in, Hero folds
On the river i bet to get value from Jx and made it on the smaller side since i block all the missed str8 draws he can bluff with. too thin?

When he bets he only reps 1 combo of AQs and I made the bet really small so can i ever call?
Final Pot
CO wins $41.78

April 19, 2014 | 11:35 a.m.

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