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Following are notes I made during play of the RunItOnce Poker beta.

Background: I'm a software engineer and have been a medium-stack regular on PokerStars for 10 years. I'm also an older player and my eyes are not as good as some of your testers might have.

RunItOnce notes:

Testing experience: 20 euro NLHE only, single table, played using touch-screen Windows 10.

Currency display everywhere is needless. Show it in top left corner as now (where the blinds are shown) and skip it for the rest of the window.

Type is too small, hard to read the stack sizes and bet sizes from any distance.

On showdown, the opponent's winning hand disappears before you can see it.

Overall, play is too fast. I'm a seasoned PokerStars regular and I found it to be fast. I can only imagine what a new player would think.

Bet slider is really hard to operate. Timeouts are too quick, especially as the bet slider is hard to operate. Maybe I need to learn keyboard shortcuts, but those can be difficult to use when multi-tabling, as you have to focus the table first.

If I timeout on an action, I can't play any more hands in the orbit, even though I've paid the blinds.

If I'm stacked, I'm not given time to buy back in before the next hand is dealt. I paid my blinds for the orbit, I want to see the remaining hands. Give me 10 seconds to buy back in. Even worse, if I'm stacked when UTG, I have to pay an extra blind or sit out an orbit.

The window is not resizable and I have to sit too close to the computer to see it. I usually double table on a monitor, I think it would be hard to read bet sizes at any distance.

I got stuck timed out and was not able to restart play on a table. I had to shut down the program and restart.

Split pot, hard to see what happened. Animations should be slowed down a bit. Perhaps have them slow whenever a new player joins the table, then speed up a bit after a few hands, although there should be a "Slow Down!" button for beginners.

Can't see cards that I folded pre-flop. Beginners often want to be able to see these.

Sorry to say this, as it seems to be your end goal, but the game is too impersonal. Hard to get involved against such vanilla characters.

Hand history doesn't show amount splashed into the pot.

If I'm first in to a pot, I would prefer to be able to make my normal 3x bet without having to hit the preset button every time. The "open" bet size would have to be configurable, but if the pot is unopened when it gets to me, I want to see buttons "Fold", "Call" and "Raise (to my configured amount)". I want to do those three actions with a single button press.

Need more time to make decisions on the flop, turn and river, and after the pot is opened.

Feb. 7, 2019 | 3:30 a.m.

Oh, one thing about this is that such a transaction is considered to be a cash withdrawal. So you probably want to go back a day or two later and pay it off on the card so you don't get hit with 20% interest. Pay off a few more bucks to make sure you're to negative balance status.

Feb. 7, 2019 | 1:51 a.m.

I was able to deposit using a President's Choice MasterCard. Don't seem to have received the bonus amount, though. Perhaps that will show up later.

Feb. 7, 2019 | 1:49 a.m.

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